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  2000 Energy Laboratory Reports
EL 00-002
Yoon, Y.T. and M.D. Ilic, Transmission Expansion in the New Environment, May 2000. pp 27. <PDF file [262 kb]>

  1999 Energy Laboratory Reports
EL 99-001
Leotard, J.P., Transmission Pricing and Incentives for Investments under Uncertainty in the Deregulated Power Industry, February 1999 pp 149. $15.00 <PDF file [696kb]>
EL 99-002
Prada, J.F. and M.D. Ilic, Pricing Reliability: A Probabilistic Approach, May 1999, pp 11. <PDF file [119kb]>

  1998 Energy Laboratory Reports
EL 98-001
Cardell, J., M. Ilic, and R. Tabors, Integrating Small Scale Distributed Generation into a Deregulated Market: Control Strategies and Price Feedback, April 1998, 185 pages, $20.00

  1997 Energy Laboratory Reports
EL 97-001
Ilic, M., Unified Approach to Real Time Controls, Accounting, and supporting Policies for Effective Energy Management under Competition, Final Technical Report to DOE, January 1997

  1996 Energy Laboratory Reports
EL 96-001
Ilic, M. and C. Yu, Minimal Regulation and its Value in a Changing Industry. January 1996, 10 pp. $10.00.

  2000 Energy Laboratory Working Papers
EL 00-001 WP
Yoon, Y.T., J.R. Arce, K.K.Collison and M.D. Ilic, Implementation of Cluster-based Congestion Management Systems, May 2000, pp 21. <PDF file [283 Kb]>
EL 00-002 WP
Yoon, Y.T., A Practical Mean-Variance Hedging Strategy in the Electricity Markets, May 2000. pp 15. <PDF file [192kb]>
EL 00-003 WP
Yoon, Y.T., S.G. Raikar and M.D. Ilic, Congestion Management for Large Electric Power Systems, May 2000, pp 25. <PDF file [274 Kb]>
EL 00-004 WP
Saxena, A. and M. Ilic, A Value Based Approach to Voltage / Reactive Power Control, May 2000, pp. 21. <PDF file [232Kb]>
EL 00-005 WP
Yoon, Y.T., K.K.Collison, J.R. Arce and M.D. Ilic, Congestion Management System Methods: Comparison on the 118 Bus System, July 2000, pp.21. <PDF file [242Kb]>
EL 00-006 WP
Yoon, Y.T., K.K.Collison, J.R. Arce and M.D. Ilic, Practical Implementation of Congestion Cluster Pricing Method, August 2000, pp.30. <PDF file [242Kb]>

  1999 Energy Laboratory Working Papers
EL 99-001 WP
Yu, C.N., J.P. Leotard, and M.D. Ilic, Dynamics of Transmission Provision in a Competitive Power Industry, June 1999, pp 39. $12.00
EL 99-003 WP
Lecinq, B.S. and M.D. Ilic, A Peak-Load Pricing Mechanism for Transmission Access and Grid Investment, June 1999, pp 30. $10.00
EL 99-004 WP
Maca, E., M. Ilic, F. Galiana, J. Leotard and B. Lecinq, Peak-Load Transmission Pricing as Means of Long Term Congestion Pricing on the IEEE Reliability Test System, June 1999, pp 8. $10.00
EL 99-005 WP
Prada, J.F. The Value of Reliability in Power Systems - Pricing Operating Reserves, August 1999, pp 79. <PDF file [333Kb]>

  1997 Energy Laboratory Working Papers
EL 97-004 WP
Cardell, J., & M. Ilic, "Stability and Control for Distributed Generation in Radial Distribution Systems", January 1997, pp. 7, $10.00

  1996 Energy Laboratory Working Papers
EL 96-001 WP
Lecinq, B. and Ilic, M.D.  Peak-load Pricing for Electric Power Transmission.  Aug. 1996, 35 pp. $10.00.
EL 96-002 WP
Galiana, F.D. and Ilic, M.D.  A Mathematical Framework for the Analysis and Management of Power Transactions under Open Access.  Aug. 1996,  7 pp.  $10.00.
EL 96-004 WP
Ilic, M.D. Benefits of Deregulation.  But Who Pays for Reliability?  June 1996, 5 pp., $10.00.
EL 96-005 WP
Lecinq, B. S. and Ilic, M.D. Peak-load Pricing for Transmission in a Deregulated Industry. June 1996, 11 pp., $10.00.

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