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  2001 Energy Laboratory Reports

  2000 Energy Laboratory Reports
EL 00-001
Muster, T. Fuel Savings Potential and Costs Considerations for US Class 8 Heavy Duty Trucks through Resistance Reductions and improved Propulsion Technologies until 2020, May 2000, pp 89. <PDF file [570 Kb]>
EL 00-002
Yoon, Y.T. and M.D. Ilic, Transmission Expansion in the New Environment, May 2000, pp 27. <PDF file [262 Kb]>
EL 00-003
Weiss, M.A., J. Heywood, A. Schafer, E. Drake and F. AuYeng, On the Road in 2020, a Life-cycle Analysis of New Automobile Technologies, September 2000, pp 156. <PDF file [738 Kb]>
EL 00-004
Skantze, P., A. Gubina, and M. Ilic, Bid-based Stochastic Model for Electricity Prices: The Impact of Fundamental Drivers on Market Dynamics, November 2000, pp 62. <PDF file [1310 Kb]>
EL 00-005
Skantze P. and MD Ilic, The Joint Dynamics of Electricity Spot and Forward Markets: Implications on Formulating Dynamic Hedging Strategies, November 2000, pp 19. <PDF file [62 Kb]>
EL 00-006
Skantze P., P. Visudhiphan and M. Ilic, Valuation of Generation Assets with Unit Commitment Constraints under Uncertain Fuel Prices, November 2000, pp 15. <PDF file [47 Kb]>
EL 00-007

Symposium Summary, Proceedings of the 2000 Air Pollution Symposium - The Future of Diesel: Scientific Issues, Renee J. Robins, editor, December 2000, pp 31. <PDF file [138 Kb]>

  1999 Energy Laboratory Reports
EL 99-001
Leotard, J.P., Transmission Pricing and Incentives for Investments under Uncertainty in the Deregulated Power Industry, February 1999, pp 149. $15.00 <PDF file [696 Kb]>
EL 99-002
Prada, J.F. and MD Ilic, Pricing Reliability: A Probabilistic Approach, May 1999, pp 11. <PDF file [221 Kb]>
EL 99-003
Symposium Summary, Proceedings of the 1999 Urban Air Toxics Summer Symposium, Renee J. Robins, editor, October 1999, pp 30. <PDF file [116 Kb]>

  1998 Energy Laboratory Reports
EL 98-001
Cardell, J., M. Ilic, and R. Tabors, Integrating Small Scale Distributed Generation into a Deregulated Market: Control Strategies and Price Feedback, April 1998, pp 185. $20.00
EL 98-002
Proceedings of the Stakeholders' Workshop on Carbon Sequestration, H.J. Herzog Ed., June 1998, pp 202. $25.00
EL 98-003
Unger, D. and H.J. Herzog, Comparative Study on Energy R&D Performance: Gas Turbine Case Study, August 1998, pp 65. <PDF file [297 Kb]>.
EL 98-004
Connors, S.R., Issues in Energy and Sustainable Development, September 1998, pp 14. <PDF file [64 Kb]>.
EL 98-005
Proceedings of the Workshop on Advanced Chemical/Biological Technologies for Carbon Management, H.J. Herzog and E.M. Drake eds., pp 126. $15.00

  1997 Energy Laboratory Reports
EL 97-001
Ilic, M., Unified Approach to Real Time Controls, Accounting, and supporting Policies for Effective Energy Management under Competition, Final Technical Report to DOE, January 1997.
EL 97-002
Beer, J.M., S. Macadam, and G. Gambi, Effect of Dilution of Soot and PAH Formation, December 1996, pp 51. $12.00
EL 97-003
Beer, J.M., Density Gradients upon Turbulence in Swirl Flows, January 1997.
EL 97-004a
Taylor, H.F., Municipal Solid Waste Management Market Simulator, Phase 2 Report, Volume 1: Main Report, August 1997, pp 49.
EL 97-004b
Taylor, H.F., Municipal Solid Waste Management Market Simulator, Phase 2 Report, Volume 2: Appendices, August 1997, pp 268.

  1996 Energy Laboratory Reports
EL 96-001
Ilic, M. and C. Yu, Minimal Regulation and its Value in a Changing Industry, January 1996, pp 10. $10.00
EL 96-002
Ehrhardt, D.R., MA Toqan, and J.M. Beer, Zone Method for the Calculation of Chemically Reacting Turbulent Flows, August 1996.
EL 96-003
Adams, E.E. and H.J. Herzog, Environmental Impacts of Ocean Disposal of CO2: Volume 1: Executive Summary, Volume 2: Topical Reports, December 1996. $12.00 plus $10.00 extra for color photos = $22.00

  1995 Energy Laboratory Reports
EL 95-001
Herzog, H., E. Adams, D. Auerbach, and J. Caulfield, Technology Assessment of CO2 Ocean Disposal, February 1995, pp 29. $10.00
EL 95-002
Kwak, S., Policy Analysis of Hanford Tank Farm Operations with System Dynamics Approach, February 1995, pp 484. $35.00
EL 95-003
Ilic, M., F. Graves, L. Fink, and A. DiCaprio, A Framework for Operations in Competitive Open Access Environment, October 1995.
EL 95-004
Taylor, H., Municipal Solid Waste Management Market Simulator, Phase 1 Report.  Vol. 1 (48 pp) and Vol 2 (appendices) pp 129, October 1995.  $25.00

  1994 Energy Laboratory Reports
EL 94-001
Morosan, F., An Investigation of the Predictive Powers of P.R.A., January 1994, pp 65. $12.00
EL 94-002
Moncada, P., W. Schenler, S. Connors, and R. Tabors, Project Report, Phase II.  The Impact of European Union Policies on Biomass Based Energy Technologies, June 1944, pp 123.  $17.00
EL 94-003
Kutney, M., V. Dodd, K. Smith, H.Herzog and J.Tester, Equations of State for Supercritical Process Modeling, August 1994, pp 161. $23.00
EL 94-004
Herzog, H., Z. Chen, J. Tester, and M. Frank, A Generalized Multi-parameter Economics Model for Optimizing the Design and Performance of Hot Dry Rock (HDR) Geothermal Energy Systems, September 1994.
EL 94-005
Beer, J., M. Toqan, J. Teare, and P. Lewis, Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides Emissions by Combustion Process Modification in Oil and Gas Flames, September 1994, pp 65. $12.00
EL 94-006
Beer, J., E. Barta, V. Wood, P.Lewis, J. Teare, R. Manurung, and J. Jiminez, Combustion Characterization of Beneficiated Coal Fuels,  September 1994, pp 23.  $10.00
EL 94-007
Thijssen, T., J. Beer, A. Sarofim, V. Wood and P. Lewis, Performance Assurance of Waste Incinerators.  Final Report, November 1994, pp 42. $10.00
EL 94-008
Barritt, A., Detection of Hydrogen Embrittlement in Steel and Steel Alloys Using Methods of Neutton Radiography, January 1994.
EL 94-009
Godin, M.,  Mobile Neutron Sources for Residual Stress Measurement,  February 1994.
EL 94-010
Puffer, D.,  Moderator Design for Accelerator Based Neutron Radiography and Tomography Systems, August 1994.
EL 94-011
Hagman, W., J. Lang, and R. Lyon, The Electromechanical Monitoring of Motor-Operated Valves, October 1994.
EL 94-012
Cooke, C.,  Acoustic Time Domain Reflectometry. December 1994.

  2001 Energy Laboratory Working Papers
EL 01-001 WP
Fumagalli, E., J. Black, MD Ilic, and I. Vogelsang, A reliability insurance scheme for the electricity distribution grid, January 2001, pp 21. <PDF file [98 Kb]>
EL 01-002 WP
Yoon, YT and MD Ilic, Independent transmission company (ITC) for profit and markets for transmission, January 2001, pp 32. <PDF file [302 Kb]>
EL 01-003 WP
Yoon, YT and MD Ilic, Price-Cap Regulation for Transmission: Objectives and Tariffs, January 2001, pp 45. <PDF file [406 Kb]>
EL 01-004 WP
Yoon, YT and MD Ilic, Secondary Market for Transmission and Supporting Infrastructures, January 2001, pp 45. <PDF file [404 Kb]>
EL 01-005 WP
Yoon, YT, MD Ilic and K.K.Collison, Efficient implementation of inter-regional transactions, January 2001, pp 36. <PDF file [295 Kb]>
EL 01-006 WP
Chalermkraivuth, K.C. And MD Ilic, Decision Criteria for the Deployment of Distributed Generation Technologies, January 2001, pp 39. <PDF file [121 Kb]>
EL 01-007 WP
Ilic, MD and Yoon, YT, Comments to the FERC Docket No. RT01 -- 01 regarding Formation of the RTOs, January 2001, pp 17. <PDF file [168 Kb]>
EL 01-008 WP
Gozum, O. N., Resource Allocation and Reliability for the Transmission Provider, January 2001, pp 16. <PDF file [55 Kb]>
EL 01-009 WP
Raikar, S. and MD Ilic, Assessment of Transmission Congestion for Major Electricity Markets in the US, February 2001, pp 9. <PDF file [259 Kb]>
EL 01-010 WP
Raikar, S. and MD Ilic, Interruptible Physical Transmission Contracts for Congestion Management, February 2001, pp 16. <PDF file [294 Kb]>
EL 01-011 WP
Gozum, O. N. and MD Ilic, Possible Decision Tools for Transmission Service and Pricing in the Evolving Electricity Market, March 2001, pp 8. <PDF file [312 Kb]>
EL 01-012 WP
Visudhiphan, P., P. Skantze, and MD Ilic, Dynamic Investment in Electricity Markets and Its Impact on System Reliability, July 2001, pp 22. <PDF file [2475 Kb]>
EL 01-013 WP
Yoon, YT and MD Ilic, A possible notion of short-term value-based reliability, August 2001, pp 18. <PDF file [231 Kb]>
EL 01-014 WP
Ilic, MD with contributors: J.W. Black, E. Fumagalli, P. Visudhiphan, and J. Watz, A possible notion of short-term value-based reliability, September 2001, pp 25. <PDF file [99 Kb]>

  2000 Energy Laboratory Working Papers
EL 00-001 WP
Yoon, YT, J.R. Arce, K.K.Collison and MD Ilic, Implementation of Cluster-based Congestion Management Systems, May 2000, pp 21. <PDF file [283 Kb]>
EL 00-002 WP
Yoon, YT, A Practical Mean-Variance Hedging Strategy in the Electricity Markets, May 2000, pp 15. <PDF file [192 Kb]>
EL 00-003 WP
Yoon, YT, S.G. Raikar and MD Ilic, Congestion Management for Large Electric Power Systems, May 2000, pp 25. <PDF file [274 Kb]>
EL 00-004 WP
Saxena, A. and M. Ilic, A Value Based Approach to Voltage / Reactive Power Control, May 2000, pp 21. <PDF file [232 Kb]>
EL 00-005 WP
Yoon, YT, K.K.Collison, J.R. Arce and MD Ilic, Congestion Management System Methods: Comparison on the 118 Bus System, July 2000, pp 21. <PDF file [242 Kb]>
EL 00-006 WP
Yoon, YT, MD Ilic, K.K.Collison, and J.R. Arce, Practical Implementation of Congestion Cluster Pricing Method, August 2000, pp 30. <PDF file [242 Kb]>
EL 00-007 WP
ArcÚ, J.R. And MD Ilic, Managing short-term reliability related risks, November 2000, pp 13. <PDF file [47 Kb]>
EL 00-008 WP
Ilic, MD, J.R. ArcÚ, YT Yoon, and E.M. Fumagalli, Assessing Reliability as the Electric Power Industry Restructures, November 2000, pp 22. <PDF file [75 Kb]>
EL 00-009 WP
Black, J. and MD Ilic, Survey of Technologies and Cost Estimates for Residential Electricity Services, December 2000, pp 14. <PDF file [35 Kb]>

  1999 Energy Laboratory Working Papers
EL 99-001 WP
Yu, C.N., JP Leotard, and MD Ilic, Dynamics of Transmission Provision in a Competitive Power Industry, June 1999, pp 39. $12.00
EL 99-002 WP
Weiss, MA, The INEEL University Research Consortium: A View from MIT, July 1999, pp 7. $10.00
EL 99-003 WP
Lecinq, B.S. and MD Ilic, A Peak-Load Pricing Mechanism for Transmission Access and Grid Investment, June 1999, pp 30. $10.00
EL 99-004 WP
Maca, E., M. Ilic, F. Galiana, J. Leotard and B. Lecinq, Peak-Load Transmission Pricing as Means of Long Term Congestion Pricing on the IEEE Reliability Test System, June 1999, pp 8. $10.00
EL 99-005 WP
Prada, J.F., The Value of Reliability in Power Systems - Pricing Operating Reserves, August 1999, pp 79. <PDF file [390 Kb]>

  1998 Energy Laboratory Working Papers
EL 98-001 WP
Connors, SR, Societal Issues in Transtitioning Towards Sustainable Systems Rapporteur's paper, 17th World Energy Congress, Houston Texas, 13-18 September 1998.  Issues Paper Session 4.2, September 1998, pp 14. <PDF file [60 Kb]>.

  1997 Energy Laboratory Working Papers
EL 97-001 WP
Funk, Karina Global Benefits from Local Solutions: A Communications Network to Support Independent Sustainable Development, February 1997.
EL 97-004 WP
Cardell, J., and M. Ilic, Stability and Control for Distributed Generation in Radial Distribution Systems, January 1997, pp 7. $10.00

  1996 Energy Laboratory Working Papers
EL 96-001 WP
Lecinq, B. and MD Ilic, Peak-load Pricing for Electric Power Transmission, August 1996, pp 35. $10.00
EL 96-002 WP
Galiana, F.D. and MD Ilic, A Mathematical Framework for the Analysis and Management of Power Transactions under Open Access, August 1996,  pp 7.  $10.00
EL 96-004 WP
Ilic, MD Benefits of Deregulation.  But Who Pays for Reliability? June 1996, pp 5. $10.00
EL 96-005 WP
Lecinq, BS and MD Ilic, Peak-load Pricing for Transmission in a Deregulated Industry, June 1996, pp 11. $10.00
EL 96-006 WP
Connors, SR, Ensuring Future Energy Alternatives: The Role of Resource Planning in Forming Long-Range Energy and Environmental Policies, December 1996, pp 17. $10.00

  1995 Energy Laboratory Working Papers
EL 95-001 WP
Connors, SR,  Informing Decision-Makers and Identifying Niche Opportunities for Windpower: Use of Multi-Attribute Tradeoff Analysis to Evaluate Non-Dipatchable Resources,  January 1995,  pp 22. $10.00

  1994 Energy Laboratory Working Papers
EL 94-001 WP
Koo, A., Life Cycle Analysis of Plastics, January 1994, pp 60. $12.00
EL 94-002 WP
Cardell, J.,  Renewable Energy Technologies in the New England Sector. July 1994, pp 44. $10.00
EL 94-003 WP
Sapolsky, H. M.,  Will Coming Clean Help the Cleanup?  January 1994, pp 21. $10.00

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