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CUP upgrade project

The cogeneration process at MIT’s Central Utilities Plant (CUP) is anchored by a natural gas turbine that has been running since 1995. As the turbine nears the end of its useful life, MIT has a valuable opportunity to upgrade and enhance its on-campus power system.

The CUP Upgrade Project will replace the plant’s original turbine, add a second one, and complete additional upgrades to create a system capable of serving the campus for at least the next 20 years. Goals of the project include increasing power capacity, improving campus resiliency, building campus sustainability, and reducing emissions. 

For more information about the project and schedule, please visit the CUP Upgrade Project site

 Learn about the project to upgrade the Central Utilities Plant


Department Directory


Ken Packard
Director, Utilities

Bernadette Drinkwater
Senior Administrative Assistant

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