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Sustaining MIT’s Past, Present and Future

Facilities staff are always here supporting the Institute. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Through rain and especially snow, our staff carries on so that the MIT community can move forward.

Whether we’re repairing aging systems or breaking ground on a new research building, our staff solve problems and keep the Institute working.

On these web pages you’ll find forms to order our services, learn what you can recycle and how construction will impact your commute. Speaking of commuting, there’s also information on alternatives on getting to work. So, go ahead and click on our pages!

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Keep cold air out
Help us be sure that all windows and doors are shut. If you notice any door or window that does not close properly, report issues through Atlas or report the location to Facilities Customer Service Center at 3-4948 by using the emergency option. Locations that should be secured include delivery areas with roll up style doors.

This season at MIT

Work begins on the Collier Memorial
In mid-October site preparation began for the installation of a permanent memorial to Officer Sean Collier, who was killed in active service to the MIT community in April 2013. The memorial was conceived and designed by J. Meejin Yoon, professor and head of the Department of Architecture at MIT, and is expected to be completed by April 2015. Yoon shares thoughts on the design and structural details in this article.

Construction updates will be available throughout the project.

rendering of Collier Memorial
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