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Keeping New Buildings Looking New

The Comprehensive Stewardship Group (CSG) is a service area created in October 2012 within the Operations section of Facilities. The CSG complements our Repair and Maintenance area and will focus on the new and newly renovated buildings on campus.

The group’s charge is to proactively maintain buildings so that they will remain current with modern standards and usage thereby maximizing the impact and return on MIT’s investment. The group’s portfolio has grown since its launch. There are now 14 buildings: 2, 6C, 18, 32, 46, 76, E14, E60, E62, NW35, W1, W35, W64, and W79.

Manager Ed Rita is leading this group which is comprised of several teams with a variety of trades that span three shifts seven days a week. Jani Findlay and Amy Chamberlain provide administrative support to the team and also send notices to customers about issues such as shutdowns. Their office is located in the basement of the Stata Center, Room 32-070.

Order Services

To order services from the CSG, go to Service Requests in Atlas. Basic services are covered by the operational budget while special services include a fee.





Department Directory

Comprehensive Stewardship Group

Edward Rita

Jani Findlay
Administrative Assistant

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