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R&M Teams Collaborate to Support Buildings and Customers

A primary goal of Repair & Maintenance (R&M) is to maintain a consistent dialogue with their customers. A way they do this is by having a supervisor and team who are responsible for a certain set of buildings. This allows the customers to get to know the R&M supervisor and building team and for R&M to better understand the buildings they work on.

Supporting those building teams are a Preventive Maintenance group and a Maintenance Mechanics group. The role of the Preventive Maintenace group is to proactively do periodic maintenance of equipment to keep the systems running smoothly and efficiently. The Maintenance Mechanic group are first line responders to customers for heat and cooling calls. They also do some investigatory work to determine which trade should respond to a building need. This collaboration results in the best utilization of staff resources.

The Comprehensive Stewardship Group (CSG) complements our Repair and Maintenance area and focuses on the buildings gut-renovated or built new since 2000. These include Buildings 6C, 18, 32, 46, 76, E14, E60, E62, NW35, W1, W35, and W79. Assistant Manager Edward Rita leads the CSG. Their office is located in Room 32-070.

Below you will find a section for each of the Building Teams that lists contact information and the buildings that each team serves.

Main Campus

Gary Saffie, Supervisor
Office: E19-146
Phone: 617-252-1796


1, 3, 5, 7, 7A, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 12A, 13, 17, 24, 26, 31, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 41, 42, 44, 48

East Campus

Paul Lyons, Supervisor
Office: E19-141
Phone: 617-253-5721


2, 4, 6, 6B, 14, 16, 54, 56, 66, 68, E1, E15, E17, E18, E19, E23, E25, E33, E34, E38, E40, E51, E52, E53

West Campus and DSL Buildings

Alan Legere, Supervisor
Office: E19-135
Phone: 617-253-1602

West Campus Buildings

N10, N16, N16A, N16T, N4, N42, N51, N52, N57, N9, NW12, NW13, NW14, NW15, NW16, NW17, NW20, NW21, NW22, NW62, W45, W59, W89, W91, W92, W98, WW15 ,50, 51, 57, 62, 64, E2, E55

DSL Buildings

NW10, NW30, NW61, NW86, , W2, W11, W13, W15, W16, W20, W31, W32, W33, W34, W4, W5, W51, W53, W53A, W61, W7 W70, W71, W8, W84, W85, W85ABC, W85DE, W85FG

Preventive Maintenance Team

Joe McWeeney, Senior Planner/Scheduler
Office E19-133AF
Phone: 617-253-8731

Warren Scott, Preventive Maintenance Scheduler/Supervisor
Office: E19-133AA
Phone: 617-253-6328

Order Services

To order services from Custodial Services, Grounds Services or Repair and Maintenance go to Service Requests in Atlas. Basic services are considered typical community services and special services include a fee. For example, repairing existing locks and door hardware are community services. Changing or installing new locks is a special service.


Hours of Building Team Zones

Mon-Fri 7am- 3pm

Emergencies and After Hours


Repair & Maintenance

Kevin Connolly

Kathy Collupy
Administrative Assistant

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