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Org Chart

Keeping a department as large as Facilities operating smoothly requires the cooperation of all of our different service areas. The groups that comprise Facilities each have their own accountabilities, but also work together as a team to achieve the department’s mission.

Currently, the department is structured into two sections: Campus Engineering and Construction (CEC) and Operations, Security, and Utilities with two directors, Richard Amster and John DiFava, heading their respective section. The two sections share resources such as communications, IT and Environment, Health and Safety under the Administration area.

These organizational charts (PDF) will give you an overview of the structure of the department's sections.

Department of Facilities


Campus Engineering and Construction

Operations, Security, and Utilities



Department Directory

Campus Engineering and Construction

Richard Amster
Director, Facilities Campus Engineering and Construction

Sue Crowley
Senior Administrative Assistant


John DiFava
Director, Facilities Operations and Security

Mary Harrington
Senior Administrative Assistant
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