Alumni Association

The MIT Alumni Association is a gateway to one of the most diverse, talented, and invigorating communities in the world: the 136,079 living

MIT alumni. It provides services and resources that strengthen alumni’s ties to MIT and to each other, from face-to-face gatherings to a suite of online services.

More than 14,750 alumni volunteer their services for the Institute, serving as class and club officers, educational counselors, and members of the MIT Corporation and its visiting committees. In fiscal year 2017, the Annual Fund reported $ 81.9 million in gifts from 44,031 alumni, students, parents, and friends.


Geographic Distribution of Alumni*
* Includes only alumni with known addresses.
United States and Possessions 104,662
Mid-Atlantic 26,497
New England 26,389
West 21,457
Southwest and South Central 8,676
Great Lakes 7,724
Southeast 7,023
Northwest and Great Plains 6,125
Alaska and Hawaii 520
Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and other US territories 251
Asia 7,974
Europe 6,103
North America (other than US) 1,923
South America 1,532
Pacific Islands and Australia 582
Africa 505
Central America 80
Total 123,361