Faculty and Staff

  • 12,109 faculty and staff on campus
  • 1,036 faculty members (professors of all ranks)
  • 227 women faculty
  • 3:1 student:faculty ratio (undergraduates only)

  • Minority group representation among faculty includes American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Black, Hispanic, and Asian.


Faculty and Staff, as of October 2016
Faculty 1,036
Other academic staff 4,406
Research staff 1,623
Administrative staff 2,528
Support staff 1,543
Service staff 829
Clinical/Medical staff 144
Total 12,109

The MIT faculty instructs undergraduate and graduate students and engages in research.

Teaching Staff
Professors 665
Associate professors 208
Assistant professors 167
Senior lecturers, lecturers, and professors emeriti 647
Instructors (including technical instructors) 152
Professors of the practice and adjunct faculty 33
Total 1,872

Many MIT staff are international scholars (i.e., non-US citizens, non-US permanent residents) from around the world who come to the United States for teaching, research, collaboration, and other purposes. This diverse group of professionals includes visiting scientists, professors, artists, and scholars, as well as postdoctoral fellows and associates, lecturers, instructors, research associates and scientists, and tenure-track faculty. During academic year 2015–2016, MIT hosted 2,436 international scholars (76% men, 24% women) from 96 countries.

International Scholars, by Region
Asia 42%
Europe 35%
Middle East 9%
North America 6%
Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean 6%
Africa 1%
Oceania 1%