Faculty and Staff

The MIT faculty instructs undergraduate and graduate students and engages in research.

  • MIT employs approximately 12,110 individuals on campus.
  • There are 1,036 faculty members (professors of all ranks), including 230 women.
  • Minority group representation among faculty includes American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Black, Hispanic, and Asian.
  • The student-faculty ratio is 8:1.


MIT's Teaching Staff, as of October 2015
Professors 665
Associate professors 194
Assistant professors 177
Senior lecturers, lecturers, and professors emeriti 635
Instructors (including technical instructors) 160
Professors of the practice and adjunct faculty 32
Total 1,863

Members of the MIT community have received accolades too numerous to list. Several of the most notable honors and awards follow.

Eighty-six present and former members of the MIT community have won the Nobel Prize, including nine current faculty members (recognized individually or as part of a team).

Forty current and former members of the MIT faculty have received the National Medal of Science.

Five current and former faculty members have been awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation.

Eleven current and former members of the faculty have won the John Bates Clark Medal.

Five present and former members of the MIT community have been awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

Two current faculty members have won the Millennium Technology Prize.

There are 61 Guggenheim Fellows, 23 MacArthur Fellows, and 11 Fulbright Scholars among current MIT faculty and staff.

Seventy-nine current MIT faculty and staff are members of the National Academy of Sciences, 66 are members of the National Academy of Engineering, and 31 are members of the Institute of Medicine.

The title of Institute Professor is the highest honor awarded by the faculty and administration at MIT. There are currently 13 Institute Professors, and 10 Institute Professors emeriti.

* Faculty awards are updated when announced. Last updated: 1/4/2016.