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Solution State NMR: Outside Request.

The CMR is required by its granting agency (NIH) to collect updated information on all projects conducted at the Facility within any given reporting period. In the past, we have relied on paper submission of these project summaries for each annual report. In consultation with our Advisory Committee, we have decided to institute the following policy: beginning immediately, we will require that CMR users submit a user registration form and a project registration form for each separate project before any NMR time can be assigned. Once filed for any given reporting period, new forms need not be completed until the next reporting period.

CMR 750G, Cell 2

CMR 600E

DRX 600


Request Forms

  Time Request Form
  Project Registration Form
  User Registration Form

If you encounter difficulties with on-line registration, please contact:

Chris Turner:



Phone: (617) 253-5478
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