First Robotics Competition

Video Gallery

BAE Systems Granite State Regional Video

These are streaming versions (512 kbps...around 10 MBs each). I have higher resolutions captures (2.1 mbps NTSC) which I can somehow get to you if you want. (The files are too large for email.)
Field"Flyover" Round 1 Round 6
Practice 1 Round 2 Round 7
Pracice 3 Round 3 Round 8
Practice 4 Round 4 Round 9

Round 5
Round 10
BAE Systems Granite State Regional Highlight Reel
Team 97's (somewhat overdramatic) highlight reel courtesy of Windows Movie Maker.
Again, I have the high-res versions (including the 1.2 gigabyte DV).
We will be burning several DVDs to hand out to team members sometime soon.

Other Videos

Gyro Arm Video Quincy Video Slam Dunk Video
(3.21 MB, 512 kbps)
Our gyroscopically-stabilized arm.
(The gyro was later moved to the wrist,
where it will be more useful)
(12.3 MB, 512 kbps)
Some video from the Quincy practice field the day
before shipping.

(7.32 MB, 512 kbps)
Our robot capping a basketball
(Sorry, I only have low-resolution streaming versions of these videos....For Manchester I'll capture
high quality and post high-res download and low-res streaming versions. I need to pick up more DVC tapes!)