Vol. XII No. 1

September/October 1999

In This Issue:

Engineering Systems Division
ESD Created to Broaden Engineering Education

Proposal to Change the P/NR Grading System

Some Meditations On Knowing Too Much

We Happy Few

From The Faculty Chair
More Than Meets the Ear?

Provost Announces Request for Nominations
for Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellows

Teach Talk
New Research Points to the Importance
of Using Active Learning in the Classroom

Do You Use Active Learning in Your Classes?

The Year 2000 Team
Some FAQs Concerning the Year 2000 (Y2K)

Making Your Personal Computer Y2K Compliant

From The Libraries
Information Skills for Today and Tomorrow

Delivery of Library Materials

What is Community?

Academic Computing Resources for You and Your Students

Alumni Travel Program Honors Faculty
Offers Travel Opportunities

SAP Upgrade Planned for November

M.I.T. Numbers
Interesting Facts About the MIT Class of 2003

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