MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XVI No. 4
February / March 2004

This issue features editorials expressing two viewpoints on the presidency of the Institute, as presented by this issue's Editorial Committee. We strongly encourage our colleagues to submit other points of view.

A bone scan using a DEXA scanning device. Credit: Donna Coveney/MIT
The Clinical Research Center
Richard Wurtman discusses the CRC, which was founded in 1962 with a stated goal of allowing MIT investigators to do research on normal subjects and on patients with stable diseases.
Recommendations for Improving Faculty Quality of Life
Charles Stewart and Gareth McKinley provide some suggestions for improving the Institute work environment.
The New President
Editorial Committee
During the presidency of Chuck Vest, MIT saw significant expansion of its resources, which benefited the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences along with . . .
The New President
Editorial Committee
The new president of MIT needs first and foremost to have a background of achievement as a scientist or engineer. Given that the primary asset of a university . . .
From The Faculty Chair
Improving Our System of Faculty Governance
Rafael L. Bras
"Our system of governance is a peculiar MIT concoction: A unitary faculty meeting with real power and influence, but which draws more than 15% of the faculty, only . . .
Update on Women Faculty in the School of Engineering
Lorna J. Gibson
Following the report of the Committee on Women Faculty in the School of Engineering, the School made substantial progress in hiring women faculty . . .
Recommendations for Improving Faculty Quality of Life
Charles Stewart III and Gareth McKinley
Like the weather, we often talk about the quality of MIT faculty life, but rarely do anything about it. The Provost's Ad Hoc Committee on the Faculty Quality of Life is . . .
FRADS Supports Faculty Fundraising
Janet Wasserstein
Did you know that there is a department at MIT established to support school and faculty fundraising initiatives? The Department of Foundation Relations . . .
Reminiscences: Fifty Years on the Engineering Faculty
Leon Trilling
Like one of the proverbial blind men who try to describe an elephant, I offer a personal account of what seemed most important in the intellectual and . . .
A Formal Recommendation to the MIT Corporation
James H. Williams, Jr.
During my decades as a student and faculty member, MIT has been fortunate to have had men of passion and extraordinary dedication as its presidents; individuals . . .
Research at MIT
The Center for International Studies
Richard J. Samuels
For 52 years, MIT's Center for International Studies (CIS) has played a central role in fostering social science research at MIT. It also has helped to define the way . . .
Research at MIT
The Clinical Research Center
Richard J. Wurtman
In one room a normal volunteer, lying in bed for 12 hours, receives an intravenous infusion of amino acid labeled with non-radioactive deuterium, part of a study . . .
Research at MIT
The Operations Research Center
James Orlin
This coming April twenty-fourth, the MIT Operations Research Center (OR Center) will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. We will commemorate our anniversary with two . . .
MIT Poetry
Anthony Lioi
n. Any of the numerous extinct marine arthropods of the class Trilobita, of the Paleozoic era, having a segmented exoskeleton divided by grooves or furrows into . . .
Beyond Fuzzy Definitions of Community: A Report and an Invitation
Hazel Sive and John-Paul Clarke
The Group on Community (GoC), an ad hoc group of faculty, students, and administrators, was convened in response to the Committee on Student Life . . .
Cambridge and MIT: Exchanging Students, Exchanging Ideas
Margaret S. Enders and Robert P. Redwine
In the summer of 2000, seven MIT undergraduates in Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering were recruited to spend a year at Cambridge University . . .
Information Services & Technology (IS&T): The Focus is on Service
Jerrold M. Grochow
When I arrived at MIT in November, I asked that the offered title, Vice President for Information Systems, be changed in an important, though perhaps symbolic, way.
M.I.T. Numbers
Campus Growth (1985 – Present)