MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XVII No. 2
November / December 2004

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter features commentary by three past faculty chairs on proposed FPC faculty governance changes, an article on a new residential community at MIT, and a From The Faculty Chair piece discussing Institutional Level International Engagements.

A Beer with J. R. R. Tolkien
Jay Keyser inaugurates our MIT Reprints feature with a reminiscence.
The Industrial Performance Center
Richard Lester offers an overview of
the IPC.
Comment on the FPC Suggestions on Faculty Governance
Lotte Bailyn, Stephen Graves, Kim Vandiver
As previous Chairs of the Faculty, we have been asked to comment on the Faculty Policy Committee's (FPC) suggestions to improve faculty governance, . . .
A University Residential Community at MIT
Paul E. Gray
This article is intended to address questions about the purpose and status of an activity that is called A University Residential Community (URC) at MIT.
From the Faculty Chair
Institutional Level International Engagements:
Points for Discussion
Rafael L. Bras
Over the last decade, MIT has increased its overseas presence. Most would agree that such a worldview is appropriate for a university like ours. Nevertheless, many . . .
Professors of the Practice: Bringing the Real World to MIT
Olivier de Weck
MIT has a long tradition of making its research and scholarship, as well as its educational programs, relevant to the real world. But there is a fundamental . . .
Research at MIT
The Industrial Performance Center
Richard K. Lester
What's in a name? To some, the name Industrial Performance Center (IPC) may conjure up images of black-clad dancers, gliding among rusting girders . . .
President Appoints Medical Care Task Force
In August, President Charles M. Vest formed the Task Force on Medical Care for the MIT Community, and the group began to meet in mid-September.
Assessment of Teaching Facilities Continues
Last spring the Registrar's Office, in cooperation with the Provost's Institutional Research Group, began what is expected to be a regular assessment of MIT's . . .
MIT Poetry
Watching the One-Eyed Hawk
Erica Funkhouser
The half of the world he commands
includes me; for this reason he doesn't falter
MIT Reprints
A Beer with J. R. R. Tolkien
Samuel Jay Keyser
Practically everyone hearing this will have seen or read J.R.R. Tolkien's trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. But I'll bet very few of you have ever had a beer with him. I have.
Not Another Survey!
Lydia Snover and Gregory A. Harris
Sometimes it must seem like you receive a request to complete a survey in paper or electronic format almost every day. And surveys take time to complete – and it's . . .
The role of the Faculty Newsletter
Overall the September/October issue of the Faculty Newsletter, but especially the Editorial, speaks with more candor and authority than I have previously noted.
Faculty Mentor Program –
Faculty & Athletes: A Winning Combination
In the spirit of promoting faculty/student interaction at MIT, the Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER) along with the Student Athletic . . .
M.I.T. Numbers
Percentage of Faculty with Highest Degree from MIT
M.I.T. Numbers
Awarding Institution of Highest Degree:
Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty