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Vol. XIX No. 1
September / October 2006
Science, Technology, Ethics,
and Public Decision Making
The Need for Increased Faculty Involvement
in Major Institute Initiatives
Neuroscience Hiring Controversy at MIT
Welcome Back
MIT Shines in Latest U.S. News Ranking
House Mastering Recollected in Tranquility
Teaching this fall? You should know . . .
FOGS Report Highlights
Graduate Student Cost Issues
National Research Council to Assess
U.S. Research Doctorate Programs
Supporting MIT's International Graduate Students: Communicating Within
and Across Cultures
Factory Girls
Accolades for Nancy Hopkins
Dental Insurance Plan for Retirees?
Vernon M. Ingram
International Development Fair Showcases Students' Global Development Experiences
U.S. News Ranking for National Universities
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Accolades for Nancy Hopkins

To The Faculty Newsletter:

Thank you so much for this article [“Diversification of a University Faculty: Observations on Hiring Women Faculty in the Schools of Science and Engineering at MIT,” MIT Faculty Newsletter, Vol. XVIII, No. 4]! As a recent graduate from MIT (PhD Course 6, 2005) this issue really hits home for me since I constantly evaluate the option of pursuing an academic career. I really believe that increasing the numbers of female faculty members really lies in creating an environment in which a woman can not only succeed academically, but can also balance a life outside of her career. This is one of the major reasons why I have chosen to pursue industrial research though I have a serious interest in teaching and mentorship of younger students. My advisor in graduate school was female and chose to wait until she received tenure before having a family. Other women work in industry while they raise their families and then try entering academia at a more senior position once their children are older.

I think a complete study on the leaky pipeline needs also to consider the reasons why women leaked out.

Sheila Tandon

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