MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XX No. 3
January / February 2008
Finding Polaris and Changing Course: A Closer Look at the December Faculty Meeting
The Power of Technology for Transparency
Deliberations Without Resolutions: Is it Time for a New Format for Faculty Meetings?
Teaching this spring? You should know . . .
How Do We Know if Students are Learning?
Not Just Another Survey . . . !
Online Subject Evaluation: One Step Toward More Effective Teaching
MIT Should Establish a Standing Committee on Investment Responsibility
Top Ten City of Cambridge Tax Payers
Reading the Newspaper By the Open Window
Introduction to the Campaign for Students
MIT Historical Society is Proposed
MIT's New Adoption Assistance Program
The Institute's Future
Teaching this spring? You should know . . .
Select Student Admissions and
Financial Aid Numbers
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Teaching this spring? You should know . . .


The MIT Academic Integrity Handbook is available online at

This student guide not only educates students about the meaning and consequences of academic dishonesty but also provides details and examples on how to correctly cite sources and avoid plagiarism.

It also gives pointers on good work habits and MIT resources that can provide assistance.

Including this URL on your syllabi could be very beneficial to students.

Hardcopies of the handbook are also available for faculty or students by contacting: Anna Babbi Klein, DUE Communications Officer at, (617) 253-7364.

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