MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XXVII No. 1
September / October 2014
East Campus Development Plans
Vote for FNL Editorial Board Members
How the Retirement Transition
Could Be Made Easier at MIT
Getting to Kendall Gateway Through the
East Campus Planning Process
Issues for the Fall Term
Charles "Chuck" Marstiller Vest
9 September 1941 – 12 December 2013
Professor of Computer Science Seth Teller
Redesigning Hayden Library and the
Future of Library Spaces at MIT
HEX Subjects: One Pathway
Into the HASS Requirement
Improving Graduate Student
Financial Literacy
Can We Make Smart = Nice?
Request for Preliminary Proposals for
Innovative Curricular Projects
Nominate a Colleague
as a MacVicar Faculty Fellow
Teaching this fall? You should know . . .
from the Survey of Incoming Freshmen
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Vote for FNL Editorial Board Members


Early this fall, all MIT faculty and emeritus faculty will receive an e-mail with a link to a ballot to vote to elect (or re-elect) members of the MIT Faculty Newsletter Editorial Board.

Following procedures outlined in the Policies and Procedures of the MIT Faculty Newsletter, nominees for the Editorial Board will have been selected by the Newsletter Nominations Committee from submissions by the Institute faculty.

Elections will be electronically based, with each eligible voter receiving an e-mail with a link to the voting site. Faculty and faculty emeriti will need to have MIT Web certificates installed on their computer, to allow for voter authentication. No record of individual voting preferences will be kept.

According to the FNL Policies and Procedures:

“The Nominations Committee will have the responsibility of recruiting and evaluating candidates for the Editorial Board, taking into account the need for representation from different Schools and sectors of the Institute, junior, senior, and retired faculty, male and female, underrepresented groups or faculty constituencies.”

“Candidates for the Editorial Board should give evidence of commitment to the integrity and independence of the faculty, and to the role of the Faculty Newsletter as an important voice of the faculty.”

To our knowledge, this is the only Institute-wide faculty election. We encourage the participation of everyone eligible to vote.

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