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Wed, 4 Mar 98 23:48:33 EST

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    I also found that US responses to "France" were very
    superficial and with a few exceptions did not penetrate
    beyond the tourist jargon -- Paris, wine, and the
    Eiffel Tower. The French responces to "USA" were more
    informed and abstract, speaking of violence, work,
    the american dream, technology, freedom, Hollywood,
    even Hiroshima.

    I'm convinced that this is a direct result of US's
    being the world superpower and its inherent arrogance.
    News broadcasts in the US are filled predominately with
    local (US) news. It is a rarity for a foreign country
    to be mentioned in the US news media -- and almost never
    France. US affairs, however, are a major topic of discussion
    in Europe. When I visited my parents in Italy, I swear
    Clinton was better known than the Italian president of the time
    (which I guess is not surprising, considering their premiers
    change every couple of months). My parents tell me that during
    its height, the OJ trial overshadowed local Italian news. I
    can imagine what shape the Monica affair has taken in foreign
    eyes. How can we boast about our country, when the world knows
    about every embarassing issue that hit the US papers? I find
    this one-way information flow very unfortunate.