Message from: Morris T
About: Etats Unis

Thu, 5 Mar 98 03:27:43 EST

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    You're right Benjamin, the U.S. does brings images of war,
    conflict, power (and abuse of) and many other negative
    images to the common citizen of the world. Nations that have been
    to war with the US (and probably lost), countries that
    have been reduced to utter poverty and even those that are
    merely jealous of the opportunities and influence of the
    US have justifiable reasons for their impressions of the
    world's largest superpower. These negative images are
    not suprising considering the many national toes the US has stepped
    on, not to mention the thin veil of an international
    affairs department skewed to fit our political and
    economical agendas.

    What is surprising is the same kind of criticism is voiced
    from the same citizens that are supposed to love and
    cherish this wonderful country we live in. Words such as
    "arrogant, fake, loud, confused, war and theft" are
    used to describe the US.

    If one examines the french responses to France, descriptions
    of "pays natal, variete, culture, beau and republique" are
    most common.

    Why is it that a country that seems to have it all, power,
    money and envy from around the world harbor so much
    criticism not only from the world, but also of it's own