Message from:Robin
About: portrayal of women

Wed, 11 Mar 1998 17:48:05 -0500

One of the aspects of this movie which struck me the most
was the way that every one of the female characters in
both movies were portrayed in some negative way -
the women that the three men met at parties or on the
street were seen _only_ as sex objects; Sylvia was shown
as being too weak to take care of herself and Mary and
irresponsible enough to give her daughter away to someone
she didn't even know. The only possible positive female
role was that of the nanny who walked out after being insulted,
and even that is dubious.
This was also one of the differences that I noted between
the French and English versions of the movie. In the French
version, the men's chauvinistic attitude and the negative
portrayal of women was more exaggerated (and more offensive) -
for example pilot (Jack?) leaving the phone number of the girl he
slept with after the party for his roommates, and the treatment
of the live-in nanny. This also seems to be typical of the
few French movies I have seen - are most French movies like