Message from: Victor
About: portrayal of women

Thu, 12 Mar 1998 23:51:56 -0500

I think the main reason that both versions of the movie portray women as
less agreeable people is that it adds to the flavor of the
movie. One should look at how the movie producers intended for
the movie to attract audiences. The movie is a comedy about
three men, and since the purpose of a comedy is to make the audience
laugh, they movie producers would want the audience to identify
with the main characters. We're supposed to like the main characters.
Although many bad male stereotypes are reflected in the movie -- the lewdness
of the characters, their ineffectiveness in handling little babies,
their hot temper...etc. -- the stereotypical flaws are harmless flaws intended to
make the audience laugh about men in general. We laugh about them and then
we like the main characters even more. Since the movie wants
us the audience to like the men, they have to portray women in a slightly
negative tone. It is the same techinque the movie "First Wives
Club" uses to make the audience laugh, and it has worked well
for that movie also.