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A la Rencontre de Philippe

"A la rencontre de Philippe" is an interactive fiction, filmed in Paris, which puts learners in the middle of a story, of which they become the central character. The story branches out in different ways, depending upon what students do, which in turn depends on what they understand. In the process of involving students in a story, "A la rencontre de Philippe" also involves them in the language learning process.


Dans un quartier de Paris

"Dans un quartier de Paris" (long named "Dans le quartier St. Gervais") is a multimedia interactive documentary, filmed in Paris, which offers users a chance to explore a uniquely French cultural space, the micro-world of a quartier, located in Le Marais area. It is a visual database, which includes people, streets, buildings, objects and artifacts that can be explored in multiple ways by learners at many different levels, and for many different purposes.



Cultura is a web-based, intercultural project that connects American students with students in other countries. The goal is to help students gradually to construct a deeper understanding of each other’s cultures by sharing their attitudes, beliefs, and values. Participants first analyze materials from their own culture (by answering questions or remarking on an image or word), make observations, and draw preliminary hypotheses. Then, they exchange views with other students remarking on similar materials from their own cultural perspective.