G.K. Raju
G.K. Raju, Ph.D.

Room 56-453
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone : 617-258-8583
E-mail : gkraju@mit.edu

The central purpose of G.K. Raju's research is to understand pharmaceutical manufacturing and its strategic role in the pharmaceutical industry in particular and in delivering healthcare to society in general. He is Executive Director of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Initiative (PHARMI). He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Industrial Pharmacy at Purdue University, and a Founder of Light Pharma Inc. G.K.'s research was also one of the key driving forces behind formation of CAMP (Consortium for the Advancement of Manufacturing in Pharmaceuticals) and he continues to be very actively involved in its functioning.

Areas of Interest

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and its Strategic Role in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Evaluation of New Manufacturing Technology.
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.
  • Integration of Manufacturing with R&D and Marketing.
  • Pharmaceutical Operations Strategy and Management.
  • Benchmarking and Performance Measurement.
  • Organizational Learning.
  • Role of New Technology in Determining Competitive Advantage.
  • Process Data Analysis.