Todd's 1999 Channel 2 Auction Photo Page

1999 Channel 2 Auction

The Seashore Trolley Museum crew awaits the presentation of its donation

Eliot Kaplan - Trolley Conductor and Board Marker

Todd with Auction Manager Edye Baker, who is retiring after 19 years

The best technical crew on television

Danny displays the 1999 Auction Cookbook

Todd and Bid the Bear with 'chief volunteer' Debbie Katsorubas

Getting ready to present Bon Appetit at Table E

With Lianne Eaton at Table E

Time to push those cars and trips!

Getting instructions from Auction Central

With Hank Morse in the Bid Takers' Balcony

The Specials production crew watches the sell-off

The Specials crew celebrates!

The Walter Cronkite Two Tag Pillowcase

Phils Collyer and Rane

Edye sells the last official table

Todd, Danny, and Barbara Fienman take calls from viewers

Executive Producer Phil Collyer sells 'only the best' to end the 1999 Channel 2 Auction!

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