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Carbohydrate Compounds &
Carbohydrate-binding Proteins

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Purity and Weight: All compounds have been analyzed by thin layer chromatography (TLC) and 1H NMR for purity. For non-biotinylated compounds, the purity may vary between samples but should at least be 90+%. Impurities may include traces of spacer derivative ,Sug-b-OCH2CH2Cl, and or traces of salt or other unidentified organic material. Biotinylated compounds are estimated to have an purity of 95+%. Aliquots of the compounds were in water and were lyophilized. The accuracy of the weight was estimated to be +10%.
Safety Information: Compounds have not been tested for toxicity. Material Safety Data Sheets are not available. These compounds should be used only by qualified investigators or by technically trained personnel.
Contact Info: Please contact the Director of the Carbohydrate Synthesis/Protein Expression Core (D) for additional information.
    Ola Blixt, Ph.D.
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