FlashPix Tags

The FlashPix file format, introduced in 1996, was developed by Kodak, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft. Internally the FPX file structure mimics that of an old DOS disk with fixed-sized "sectors" (usually 512 bytes) and a "file allocation table" (FAT). No wonder the format never became popular.

However, some of the structures used in FlashPix streams are part of the EXIF specification, and are still being used in the APP2 FPXR segment of JPEG images by some Kodak and Hewlett-Packard digital cameras.

ExifTool extracts FlashPix information from both FPX images and the APP2 FPXR segment of JPEG images. As well, FlashPix information is extracted from DOC, XLS and PPT (Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint) documents since the FlashPix file format is closely related to the formats of these files.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
"\x01CompObj" CompObj - --> FlashPix CompObj Tags
"\x05Audio Info" AudioInfo - --> FlashPix AudioInfo Tags
"\x05Data Object" DataObject - --> FlashPix DataObject Tags
"\x05DocumentSummaryInformation" DocumentInfo - --> FlashPix DocumentInfo Tags
"\x05Extension List" Extensions - --> FlashPix Extensions Tags
"\x05Global Info" GlobalInfo - --> FlashPix GlobalInfo Tags
"\x05Image Contents" Image - --> FlashPix Image Tags
"\x05Image Info" ImageInfo - --> FlashPix ImageInfo Tags
"\x05Operation" Operation - --> FlashPix Operation Tags
"\x05Screen Nail" ScreenNail N  
"\x05SummaryInformation" SummaryInfo - --> FlashPix SummaryInfo Tags
"\x05Transform" Transform - --> FlashPix Transform Tags
'Audio Stream' AudioStream N  
'Current User' CurrentUser N  
'ICC Profile 0001' ICC_Profile - --> ICC_Profile Tags
'Subimage 0000 Header' SubimageHdr - --> FlashPix SubimageHdr Tags

FlashPix CompObj Tags

IndexTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 CompObjUserTypeLen N  
1 CompObjUserType N  

FlashPix AudioInfo Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
[no tags known]

FlashPix DataObject Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x10000 DataObjectID N  
0x10002 LockedPropertyList N  
0x10003 DataObjectTitle N  
0x10004 LastModifier N  
0x10005 RevisionNumber N  
0x10006 DataCreateDate N  
0x10007 DataModifyDate N  
0x10008 CreatingApplication N  
0x10100 DataObjectStatus N  
0x10101 CreatingTransform N  
0x10102 UsingTransforms N  
0x10000000 CachedImageHeight N  
0x10000001 CachedImageWidth N  

FlashPix DocumentInfo Tags

The DocumentSummaryInformation property set includes a UserDefined property set for which only the Hyperlinks and HyperlinkBase tags are pre-defined. However, ExifTool will also extract any other information found in the UserDefined properties.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0002 Category N  
0x0003 PresentationTarget N  
0x0004 Bytes N  
0x0005 Lines N  
0x0006 Paragraphs N  
0x0007 Slides N  
0x0008 Notes N  
0x0009 HiddenSlides N  
0x000a MMClips N  
0x000b ScaleCrop N  
0x000c HeadingPairs N  
0x000d TitleOfParts N  
0x000e Manager N  
0x000f Company N  
0x0010 LinksUpToDate N  
0x0011 CharCountWithSpaces N  
0x0013 SharedDoc N  
0x0016 HyperlinksChanged N  
0x0017 AppVersion N  
'_PID_HLINKS' Hyperlinks N  
'_PID_LINKBASE' HyperlinkBase N  

FlashPix Extensions Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0001 ExtensionName N  
0x0002 ExtensionClassID N  
0x0003 ExtensionPersistence N 0 = Always Valid
1 = Invalidated By Modification
2 = Potentially Invalidated By Modification
0x0004 ExtensionCreateDate N  
0x0005 ExtensionModifyDate N  
0x0006 CreatingApplication N  
0x0007 ExtensionDescription N  
0x1000 Storage-StreamPathname N  
0x2000 FlashPixStreamPathname N  
0x2001 FlashPixStreamFieldOffset N  
0x3000 PropertySetPathname N  
0x3001 PropertySetIDCodes N  
0x3002 PropertyVectorElements N  
0x4000 SubimageResolutions N  
0x10000000 UsedExtensionNumbers N  

FlashPix GlobalInfo Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x10002 LockedPropertyList N  
0x10003 TransformedImageTitle N  
0x10004 LastModifier N  
0x10100 VisibleOutputs N  
0x10101 MaximumImageIndex N  
0x10102 MaximumTransformIndex N  
0x10103 MaximumOperationIndex N  

FlashPix Image Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x1000000 NumberOfResolutions N  
0x1000002 ImageWidth N  
0x1000003 ImageHeight N  
0x1000004 DefaultDisplayHeight N  
0x1000005 DefaultDisplayWidth N  
0x1000006 DisplayUnits N 0 = inches
1 = meters
2 = cm
3 = mm
0x2000000 SubimageWidth N  
0x2000001 SubimageHeight N  
0x2000002 SubimageColor N '01 0000' = Opacity Only
'01 0001' = Monochrome
'01 8000' = Opacity Only (uncalibrated)
'01 8001' = Monochrome (uncalibrated)
'03 0002' = YCbCr
'03 0003' = RGB
'03 8002' = YCbCr (uncalibrated)
'03 8003' = RGB (uncalibrated)
'04 0002' = YCbCr with Opacity
'04 0003' = RGB with Opacity
'04 8002' = YCbCr with Opacity (uncalibrated)
'04 8003' = RGB with Opacity (uncalibrated)
0x2000003 SubimageNumericalFormat N 17 = 8-bit, Unsigned
18 = 16-bit, Unsigned
19 = 32-bit, Unsigned
0x2000004 DecimationMethod N 0 = None (Full-sized Image)
8 = 8-point Prefilter
0x2000005 DecimationPrefilterWidth N  
0x2000007 SubimageICC_Profile N  
0x3000001 JPEGTables N  
0x3000002 MaxJPEGTableIndex N  

FlashPix ImageInfo Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x21000000 FileSource N 1 = Film Scanner
2 = Reflection Print Scanner
3 = Digital Camera
4 = Video Capture
5 = Computer Graphics
0x21000001 SceneType N 1 = Original Scene
2 = Second Generation Scene
3 = Digital Scene Generation
0x21000002 CreationPathVector N  
0x21000003 SoftwareRelease N  
0x21000004 UserDefinedID N  
0x21000005 SharpnessApproximation N  
0x22000000 Copyright N  
0x22000001 OriginalImageBroker N  
0x22000002 DigitalImageBroker N  
0x22000003 Authorship N  
0x22000004 IntellectualPropertyNotes N  
0x23000000 TestTarget N 1 = Color Chart
2 = Gray Card
3 = Grayscale
4 = Resolution Chart
5 = Inch Scale
6 = Centimeter Scale
7 = Millimeter Scale
8 = Micrometer Scale
0x23000002 GroupCaption N  
0x23000003 CaptionText N  
0x23000004 People N  
0x23000007 Things N  
0x2300000a DateTimeOriginal N  
0x2300000b Events N  
0x2300000c Places N  
0x2300000f ContentDescriptionNotes N  
0x24000000 Make N  
0x24000001 Model N  
0x24000002 SerialNumber N  
0x25000000 CreateDate N  
0x25000001 ExposureTime N  
0x25000002 FNumber N  
0x25000003 ExposureProgram N 1 = Manual
2 = Program AE
3 = Aperture-priority AE
4 = Shutter speed priority AE
5 = Creative (Slow speed)
6 = Action (High speed)
7 = Portrait
8 = Landscape
0x25000004 BrightnessValue N  
0x25000005 ExposureCompensation N  
0x25000006 SubjectDistance N  
0x25000007 MeteringMode N 1 = Average
2 = Center-weighted average
3 = Spot
4 = Multi-spot
5 = Multi-segment
6 = Partial
255 = Other
0x25000008 LightSource N 1 = Daylight
2 = Fluorescent
3 = Tungsten
4 = Flash
9 = Fine Weather
10 = Cloudy
11 = Shade
12 = Daylight Fluorescent
13 = Day White Fluorescent
14 = Cool White Fluorescent
15 = White Fluorescent
17 = Standard Light A
18 = Standard Light B
19 = Standard Light C
20 = D55
21 = D65
22 = D75
23 = D50
24 = ISO Studio Tungsten
255 = Other
0x25000009 FocalLength N  
0x2500000a MaxApertureValue N  
0x2500000b Flash N 1 = No Flash
2 = Flash Fired
0x2500000c FlashEnergy N  
0x2500000d FlashReturn N 1 = Subject Outside Flash Range
2 = Subject Inside Flash Range
0x2500000e BackLight N 1 = Front Lit
2 = Back Lit 1
3 = Back Lit 2
0x2500000f SubjectLocation N  
0x25000010 ExposureIndex N  
0x25000011 SpecialEffectsOpticalFilter N 1 = None
2 = Colored
3 = Diffusion
4 = Multi-image
5 = Polarizing
6 = Split-field
7 = Star
0x25000012 PerPictureNotes N  
0x26000000 SensingMethod N 1 = Monochrome area
2 = One-chip color area
3 = Two-chip color area
4 = Three-chip color area
5 = Color sequential area
6 = Monochrome linear
7 = Trilinear
8 = Color sequential linear
0x26000001 FocalPlaneXResolution N  
0x26000002 FocalPlaneYResolution N  
0x26000003 FocalPlaneResolutionUnit N 1 = None
2 = inches
3 = cm
4 = mm
5 = um
0x26000004 SpatialFrequencyResponse N  
0x26000005 CFAPattern N  
0x26000007 ISO N  
0x26000008 Opto-ElectricConvFactor N  
0x27000000 FilmBrand N  
0x27000001 FilmCategory N  
0x27000002 FilmSize N  
0x27000003 FilmRollNumber N  
0x27000004 FilmFrameNumber N  
0x28000000 ScannerMake N  
0x28000001 ScannerModel N  
0x28000002 ScannerSerialNumber N  
0x28000003 ScanSoftware N  
0x28000004 ScanSoftwareRevisionDate N  
0x28000005 ServiceOrganizationName N  
0x28000006 ScanOperatorID N  
0x28000008 ScanDate N  
0x28000009 ModifyDate N  
0x2800000a ScannerPixelSize N  
0x29000000 OriginalScannedImageSize N  
0x29000001 OriginalDocumentSize N  
0x29000002 OriginalMedium N 1 = Continuous Tone Image
2 = Halftone Image
3 = Line Art
0x29000003 TypeOfOriginal N 1 = B&W Print
2 = Color Print
3 = B&W Document
4 = Color Document

FlashPix Operation Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x10000 OperationID N  

FlashPix SummaryInfo Tags

The Dictionary, CodePage and LocalIndicator tags are common to all FlashPix property tables, even though they are only listed in the SummaryInfo table.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0000 Dictionary N  
0x0001 CodePage N  
0x0002 Title N  
0x0003 Subject N  
0x0004 Author N  
0x0005 Keywords N  
0x0006 Comments N  
0x0007 Template N  
0x0008 LastSavedBy N  
0x0009 RevisionNumber N  
0x000a TotalEditTime N  
0x000b LastPrinted N  
0x000c CreateDate N  
0x000d ModifyDate N  
0x000e PageCount N  
0x000f WordCount N  
0x0010 CharCount N  
0x0011 ThumbnailClip N  
0x0012 Software N  
0x0013 Security N  
0x80000000 LocaleIndicator N  

FlashPix Transform Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x10000 TransformNodeID N  
0x10001 OperationClassID N  
0x10002 LockedPropertyList N  
0x10003 TransformTitle N  
0x10004 LastModifier N  
0x10005 RevisionNumber N  
0x10006 TransformCreateDate N  
0x10007 TransformModifyDate N  
0x10008 CreatingApplication N  
0x10100 InputDataObjectList N  
0x10101 OutputDataObjectList N  
0x10102 OperationNumber N  
0x10000000 ResultAspectRatio N  
0x10000001 RectangleOfInterest N  
0x10000002 Filtering N  
0x10000003 SpatialOrientation N  
0x10000004 ColorTwistMatrix N  
0x10000005 ContrastAdjustment N  

FlashPix SubimageHdr Tags

IndexTag Name WritableValues / Notes
1 SubimageWidth N  
2 SubimageHeight N  
3 SubimageTileCount N  
4 SubimageTileWidth N  
5 SubimageTileHeight N  
6 NumChannels N  

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