Meta information extracted from the header of HTML and XHTML files. This is a mix of information found in the META elements and the TITLE element.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'abstract' Abstract N  
'author' Author N  
'classification' Classification N  
'copyright' Copyright N  
'dc' DC - --> HTML dc Tags
'description' Description N  
'distribution' Distribution N  
'doc-class' DocClass N  
'doc-rights' DocRights N  
'doc-type' DocType N  
'formatter' Formatter N  
'generator' Generator N  
'googlebot' GoogleBot N  
'http-equiv' HTTP-equiv - --> HTML equiv Tags
'keywords' Keywords N+  
'mssmarttagspreventparsing' NoMSSmartTags N  
'ncc' NCC - --> HTML ncc Tags
'owner' Owner N  
'prod' Prod - --> HTML prod Tags
'progid' ProgID N  
'rating' Rating N  
'refresh' Refresh N  
'resource-type' ResourceType N  
'revisit-after' RevisitAfter N  
'robots' Robots N+  
'title' Title N (the only extracted tag which isn't from an HTML META element)
'vw96' VW96 - --> HTML vw96 Tags

HTML dc Tags

Dublin Core schema tags (also used in XMP).

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'contributor' Contributor N+  
'coverage' Coverage N  
'creator' Creator N+  
'date' Date N+  
'description' Description N  
'format' Format N  
'identifier' Identifier N  
'language' Language N+  
'publisher' Publisher N+  
'relation' Relation N+  
'rights' Rights N  
'source' Source N  
'subject' Subject N+  
'title' Title N  
'type' Type N+  

HTML equiv Tags

These tags have a family 1 group name of "HTTP-equiv".

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'cache-control' CacheControl N  
'content-disposition' ContentDisposition N  
'content-language' ContentLanguage N  
'content-script-type' ContentScriptType N  
'content-style-type' ContentStyleType N  
'content-type' ContentType N  
'default-style' DefaultStyle N  
'expires' Expires N  
'ext-cache' ExtCache N  
'imagetoolbar' ImageToolbar N  
'lotus' Lotus N  
'page-enter' PageEnter N  
'page-exit' PageExit N  
'pics-label' PicsLabel N  
'pragma' Pragma N  
'refresh' Refresh N  
'reply-to' ReplyTo N  
'set-cookie' SetCookie N  
'site-enter' SiteEnter N  
'site-exit' SiteExit N  
'vary' Vary N  
'window-target' WindowTarget N  

HTML ncc Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'charset' Charset N  
'depth' Depth N  
'files' Files N  
'footnotes' Footnotes N  
'generator' Generator N  
'kbytesize' KByteSize N  
'maxpagenormal' MaxPageNormal N  
'multimediatype' MultimediaType N  
'narrator' Narrator N  
'pagefront' PageFront N  
'pagenormal' PageNormal N  
'pagespecial' PageSpecial N  
'prodnotes' ProdNotes N  
'produceddate' ProducedDate N  
'producer' Producer N  
'revision' Revision N  
'revisiondate' RevisionDate N  
'setinfo' SetInfo N  
'sidebars' Sidebars N  
'sourcedate' SourceDate N  
'sourceedition' SourceEdition N  
'sourcepublisher' SourcePublisher N  
'sourcerights' SourceRights N  
'sourcetitle' SourceTitle N  
'tocitems' TOCItems N  
'totaltime' Duration N  

HTML prod Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'recengineer' RecEngineer N  
'reclocation' RecLocation N  

HTML vw96 Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'objecttype' ObjectType N  

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Last revised Feb 6, 2007

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