The PICT format contains no true meta information, except for the possible exception of the LongComment opcode. By default, only ImageWidth, ImageHeight and X/YResolution are extracted from a PICT image. Tags in the following table represent image opcodes. Extraction of these tags is experimental, and is only enabled with the Verbose or Unknown options.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0000 Nop N  
0x0001 ClipRgn N  
0x0002 BkPat N  
0x0003 TxFont N  
0x0004 TxFace N  
0x0005 TxMode N  
0x0006 SpExtra N  
0x0007 PnSize N  
0x0008 PnMode N  
0x0009 PnPat N  
0x000a FillPat N  
0x000b OvSize N  
0x000c Origin N  
0x000d TxSize N  
0x000e FgColor N  
0x000f BkColor N  
0x0010 TxRatio N  
0x0011 VersionOp N  
0x0012 BkPixPat N  
0x0013 PnPixPat N  
0x0014 FillPixPat N  
0x0015 PnLocHFrac N  
0x0016 ChExtra N  
0x0017 Reserved N  
0x001a RGBFgCol N  
0x001b RGBBkCol N  
0x001c HiliteMode N  
0x001d HiliteColor N  
0x001e DefHilite N  
0x001f OpColor N  
0x0020 Line N  
0x0021 LineFrom N  
0x0022 ShortLine N  
0x0023 ShortLineFrom N  
0x0024 Reserved N  
0x0028 LongText N  
0x0029 DHText N  
0x002a DVText N  
0x002b DHDVText N  
0x002c FontName N  
0x002d LineJustify N  
0x002e GlyphState N  
0x002f Reserved N  
0x0030 FrameRect N  
0x0031 PaintRect N  
0x0032 EraseRect N  
0x0033 InvertRect N  
0x0034 FillRect N  
0x0035 Reserved N  
0x0038 FrameSameRect N  
0x0039 PaintSameRect N  
0x003a EraseSameRect N  
0x003b InvertSameRect N  
0x003c FillSameRect N  
0x003d Reserved N  
0x0040 FrameRRect N  
0x0041 PaintRRect N  
0x0042 EraseRRect N  
0x0043 InvertRRect N  
0x0044 FillRRect N  
0x0045 Reserved N  
0x0048 FrameSameRRect N  
0x0049 PaintSameRRect N  
0x004a EraseSameRRect N  
0x004b InvertSameRRect N  
0x004c FillSameRRect N  
0x004d Reserved N  
0x0050 FrameOval N  
0x0051 PaintOval N  
0x0052 EraseOval N  
0x0053 InvertOval N  
0x0054 FillOval N  
0x0055 Reserved N  
0x0058 FrameSameOval N  
0x0059 PaintSameOval N  
0x005a EraseSameOval N  
0x005b InvertSameOval N  
0x005c FillSameOval N  
0x005d Reserved N  
0x0060 FrameArc N  
0x0061 PaintArc N  
0x0062 EraseArc N  
0x0063 InvertArc N  
0x0064 FillArc N  
0x0065 Reserved N  
0x0068 FrameSameArc N  
0x0069 PaintSameArc N  
0x006a EraseSameArc N  
0x006b InvertSameArc N  
0x006c FillSameArc N  
0x006d Reserved N  
0x0070 FramePoly N  
0x0071 PaintPoly N  
0x0072 ErasePoly N  
0x0073 InvertPoly N  
0x0074 FillPoly N  
0x0075 Reserved N  
0x0078 FrameSamePoly N  
0x0079 PaintSamePoly N  
0x007a EraseSamePoly N  
0x007b InvertSamePoly N  
0x007c FillSamePoly N  
0x007d Reserved N  
0x0080 FrameRgn N  
0x0081 PaintRgn N  
0x0082 EraseRgn N  
0x0083 InvertRgn N  
0x0084 FillRgn N  
0x0085 Reserved N  
0x0088 FrameSameRgn N  
0x0089 PaintSameRgn N  
0x008a EraseSameRgn N  
0x008b InvertSameRgn N  
0x008c FillSameRgn N  
0x008d Reserved N  
0x0090 BitsRect N  
0x0091 BitsRgn N  
0x0092 Reserved N  
0x0098 PackBitsRect N  
0x0099 PackBitsRgn N  
0x009a DirectBitsRect N  
0x009b DirectBitsRgn N  
0x009c Reserved N  
0x009d Reserved N  
0x009e Reserved N  
0x009f Reserved N  
0x00a0 ShortComment N  
0x00a1 LongComment - --> Photoshop Tags
--> ICC_Profile Tags
0x00a2 Reserved N  
0x00b0 Reserved N  
0x00d0 Reserved N  
0x00ff OpEndPic N  
0x0100 Reserved N  
0x0200 Reserved N  
0x02ff Version N  
0x0300 Reserved N  
0x0bff Reserved N  
0x0c00 HeaderOp N  
0x0c01 Reserved N  
0x7f00 Reserved N  
0x8000 Reserved N  
0x8100 Reserved N  
0x8200 CompressedQuickTime N  
0x8201 UncompressedQuickTime N  
0xffff Reserved N  

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