Photoshop Tags

Photoshop tags are found in PSD files, as well as inside embedded Photoshop information in many other file types (JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PNG to name a few).

Many Photoshop tags are marked as Unknown (indicated by a question mark after the tag name) because the information they provide is not very useful under normal circumstances (and because Adobe denied my application for their file format documentation -- apparently open source software is too big a concept for them). These unknown tags are not extracted unless the Unknown (-u) option is used.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x03e8 Photoshop2Info? N  
0x03e9 MacintoshPrintInfo? N  
0x03ea XMLData? N  
0x03eb Photoshop2ColorTable? N  
0x03ed ResolutionInfo - --> Photoshop Resolution Tags
0x03ee AlphaChannelsNames N  
0x03ef DisplayInfo? N  
0x03f0 PStringCaption? N  
0x03f1 BorderInformation? N  
0x03f2 BackgroundColor? N  
0x03f3 PrintFlags? N  
0x03f4 BW_HalftoningInfo? N  
0x03f5 ColorHalftoningInfo? N  
0x03f6 DuotoneHalftoningInfo? N  
0x03f7 BW_TransferFunc? N  
0x03f8 ColorTransferFuncs? N  
0x03f9 DuotoneTransferFuncs? N  
0x03fa DuotoneImageInfo? N  
0x03fb EffectiveBW? N  
0x03fc ObsoletePhotoshopTag1? N  
0x03fd EPSOptions? N  
0x03fe QuickMaskInfo? N  
0x03ff ObsoletePhotoshopTag2? N  
0x0400 LayerStateInfo? N  
0x0401 WorkingPath? N  
0x0402 LayersGroupInfo? N  
0x0403 ObsoletePhotoshopTag3? N  
0x0404 IPTCData - --> IPTC Tags
0x0405 RawImageMode? N  
0x0406 JPEG_Quality - --> Photoshop JPEG_Quality Tags
0x0408 GridGuidesInfo? N  
0x0409 PhotoshopBGRThumbnail N (this is a JPEG image, but in BGR format instead of RGB)
0x040a CopyrightFlag int8u 0 = False
1 = True
0x040b URL string  
0x040c PhotoshopThumbnail N  
0x040d GlobalAngle int32u  
0x040e ColorSamplersResource? N  
0x040f ICC_Profile - --> ICC_Profile Tags
0x0410 Watermark? N  
0x0411 ICC_Untagged? N  
0x0412 EffectsVisible? N  
0x0413 SpotHalftone? N  
0x0414 IDsBaseValue? N  
0x0415 UnicodeAlphaNames? N  
0x0416 IndexedColourTableCount? N  
0x0417 TransparentIndex? N  
0x0419 GlobalAltitude int32u  
0x041a Slices? N  
0x041b WorkflowURL? N  
0x041c JumpToXPEP? N  
0x041d AlphaIdentifiers? N  
0x041e URL_List? N  
0x0421 VersionInfo? N  
0x0422 EXIFInfo - --> EXIF Tags
0x0424 XMP - --> XMP Tags
0x0bb7 ClippingPathName? N  
0x2710 PrintFlagsInfo? N  

Photoshop Resolution Tags

IndexTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 XResolution int32u  
2 DisplayedUnitsX int16u 1 = inches
2 = cm
4 YResolution int32u  
6 DisplayedUnitsY int16u 1 = inches
2 = cm

Photoshop JPEG_Quality Tags

IndexTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 PhotoshopQuality int16s  
1 PhotoshopFormat N 0 = Standard
1 = Optimised
257 = Progressive
2 ProgressiveScans N 1 = 3 Scans
2 = 4 Scans
3 = 5 Scans

Photoshop Header Tags

This information is found in the PSD file header.

IndexTag Name WritableValues / Notes
6 NumChannels N  
7 ImageHeight N  
9 ImageWidth N  
11 BitDepth N  
12 ColorMode N 0 = Bitmap
1 = Grayscale
2 = Indexed
3 = RGB
4 = CMYK
7 = Multichannel
8 = Duotone
9 = Lab

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Last revised Oct 23, 2006

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