XMP Tags

XMP stands for "Extensible Metadata Platform", an XML/RDF-based metadata format which is being pushed by Adobe. Information in this format can be embedded in many different image file types including JPG, JP2, TIFF, PNG, MIFF, PS, PDF, PSD and DNG.

The XMP Tag ID's aren't listed because in most cases they are identical to the Tag Name.

All XMP information is stored as character strings. The Writable column specifies the information format: integer is a string of digits (possibly beginning with a '+' or '-'), real is a floating point number, rational is two integer strings separated by a '/' character, date is a date/time string in the format "YYYY:MM:DD HH:MM:SS[+/-HH:MM]", boolean is either "True" or "False", and lang-alt is a list of string alternatives in different languages.

Individual languages for lang-alt tags are accessed by suffixing the tag name with a '-', followed by an RFC 3066 language code (ie. "XMP:Title-fr", or "Rights-en-US"). A lang-alt tag with no language code accesses the "x-default" language, but causes other languages to be deleted when writing. The "x-default" language code may be specified when writing a new value to write only the default language, but note that all languages are still deleted if "x-default" tag is deleted. When reading, "x-default" is not specified.

The XMP tags are organized according to schema Namespace in the following tables. Note that a few of the longer namespace prefixes given below have been shortened for convenience (since the family 1 group names are derived from these by adding a leading "XMP-"). In cases where a tag name exists in more than one namespace, less common namespaces are avoided when writing. However, any namespace may be written by specifying a family 1 group name for the tag, ie) XMP-exif:Contrast or XMP-crs:Contrast.

ExifTool will extract XMP information even if it is not listed in these tables. For example, the pdfx namespace doesn't have a predefined set of tag names because it is used to store application-defined PDF information, but this information is extracted by ExifTool anyway.

Namespace WritableValues / Notes
aux - --> XMP aux Tags
cc - --> XMP cc Tags
crs - --> XMP crs Tags
dc - --> XMP dc Tags
dex - --> XMP dex Tags
exif - --> XMP exif Tags
iptcCore - --> XMP iptcCore Tags
lr - --> XMP Lightroom Tags
mediapro - --> XMP MediaPro Tags
microsoft - --> XMP Microsoft Tags
pdf - --> XMP pdf Tags
photomech - --> PhotoMechanic XMP Tags
photoshop - --> XMP photoshop Tags
PixelLive - --> XMP PixelLive Tags
tiff - --> XMP tiff Tags
xmp - --> XMP xmp Tags
xmpBJ - --> XMP xmpBJ Tags
xmpDM - --> XMP xmpDM Tags
xmpMM - --> XMP xmpMM Tags
xmpPLUS - --> XMP xmpPLUS Tags
xmpRights - --> XMP xmpRights Tags
xmpTPg - --> XMP xmpTPg Tags

XMP aux Tags

Photoshop Auxiliary schema tags.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Firmware string  
FlashCompensation rational  
ImageNumber string  
Lens string  
LensInfo string  
OwnerName string  
SerialNumber string  

XMP cc Tags

Creative Commons schema tags.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
License string  

XMP crs Tags

Photoshop Camera Raw Schema tags.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AlreadyApplied boolean  
AutoBrightness boolean  
AutoContrast boolean  
AutoExposure boolean  
AutoShadows boolean  
BlueHue integer  
BlueSaturation integer  
Brightness integer  
CameraProfile string  
CameraProfileDigest string  
ChromaticAberrationB integer  
ChromaticAberrationR integer  
Clarity integer  
ColorNoiseReduction integer  
Contrast integer/  
ConvertToGrayscale boolean  
CropAngle real  
CropBottom real  
CropHeight real  
CropLeft real  
CropRight real  
CropTop real  
CropUnits integer 0 = pixels
1 = inches
2 = cm
CropWidth real  
Defringe integer  
Exposure real  
FillLight integer  
GreenHue integer  
GreenSaturation integer  
HasCrop boolean  
HasSettings boolean  
HighlightRecovery integer  
HueAdjustmentAqua integer  
HueAdjustmentBlue integer  
HueAdjustmentGreen integer  
HueAdjustmentMagenta integer  
HueAdjustmentOrange integer  
HueAdjustmentPurple integer  
HueAdjustmentRed integer  
HueAdjustmentYellow integer  
IncrementalTemperature integer  
IncrementalTint integer  
LuminanceAdjustmentAqua integer  
LuminanceAdjustmentBlue integer  
LuminanceAdjustmentGreen integer  
LuminanceAdjustmentMagenta integer  
LuminanceAdjustmentOrange integer  
LuminanceAdjustmentPurple integer  
LuminanceAdjustmentRed integer  
LuminanceAdjustmentYellow integer  
LuminanceSmoothing integer  
ParametricDarks integer  
ParametricHighlights integer  
ParametricHighlightSplit integer  
ParametricLights integer  
ParametricMidtoneSplit integer  
ParametricShadows integer  
ParametricShadowSplit integer  
RawFileName string  
RedHue integer  
RedSaturation integer  
Saturation integer/  
SaturationAdjustmentAqua integer  
SaturationAdjustmentBlue integer  
SaturationAdjustmentGreen integer  
SaturationAdjustmentMagenta integer  
SaturationAdjustmentOrange integer  
SaturationAdjustmentPurple integer  
SaturationAdjustmentRed integer  
SaturationAdjustmentYellow integer  
Shadows integer  
ShadowTint integer  
SharpenDetail integer  
SharpenEdgeMasking integer  
SharpenRadius real  
Sharpness integer/  
SplitToningBalance integer  
SplitToningHighlightHue integer  
SplitToningHighlightSaturation integer  
SplitToningShadowHue integer  
SplitToningShadowSaturation integer  
Temperature integer  
Tint integer  
ToneCurve string+  
ToneCurveName string 'Custom' = Custom
'Linear' = Linear
'Medium Contrast' = Medium Contrast
'Strong Contrast' = Strong Contrast
Version string  
Vibrance integer  
VignetteAmount integer  
VignetteMidpoint integer  
WhiteBalance string/ 'As Shot' = As Shot
'Auto' = Auto
'Cloudy' = Cloudy
'Custom' = Custom
'Daylight' = Daylight
'Flash' = Flash
'Fluorescent' = Fluorescent
'Shade' = Shade
'Tungsten' = Tungsten

XMP dc Tags

Dublin Core schema tags.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Contributor string+  
Coverage string  
Creator string+  
Date date+  
Description lang-alt  
Format string  
Identifier string  
Language string+  
Publisher string+  
Relation string+  
Rights lang-alt  
Source string  
Subject string+  
Title lang-alt  
Type string+  

XMP dex Tags

Description Explorer schema tags. These tags are not very common. The Source and Rating tags are avoided when writing due to name conflicts with other XMP tags.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CRC32 integer  
FFID string  
LicenseType string 'adware' = Adware
'commercial' = Commercial
'demo' = Demo
'freeware' = Freeware
'open source' = Open Source
'public domain' = Public Domain
'shareware' = Shareware
'unknown' = Unknown
OS integer  
Rating string/  
Revision string  
ShortDescription lang-alt  
Source string/  


DICOM schema tags.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
EquipmentInstitution string  
EquipmentManufacturer string  
PatientsBirthDate date  
PatientID string  
PatientsName string  
PatientsSex string  
SeriesDateTime date  
SeriesDescription string  
SeriesModality string  
SeriesNumber string  
StudyDateTime date  
StudyDescription string  
StudyID string  
StudyPhysician string  

XMP exif Tags

EXIF schema for EXIF tags.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
ApertureValue rational  
BrightnessValue rational  
CFAPatternColumns integer  
CFAPatternRows integer  
CFAPatternValues integer+  
ColorSpace integer 1 = sRGB
2 = Adobe RGB
65535 = Uncalibrated
4294967295 = Uncalibrated
ComponentsConfiguration integer+ 0 = .
1 = Y
2 = Cb
3 = Cr
4 = R
5 = G
6 = B
CompressedBitsPerPixel rational  
Contrast integer 0 = Normal
1 = Low
2 = High
CustomRendered integer 0 = Normal
1 = Custom
DateTimeDigitized date  
DateTimeOriginal date  
DeviceSettingDescriptionColumns integer  
DeviceSettingDescriptionRows integer  
DeviceSettingDescriptionSettings string+  
DigitalZoomRatio rational  
ExifVersion string  
ExposureCompensation rational  
ExposureIndex rational  
ExposureMode integer 0 = Auto
1 = Manual
2 = Auto bracket
ExposureProgram integer 1 = Manual
2 = Program AE
3 = Aperture-priority AE
4 = Shutter speed priority AE
5 = Creative (Slow speed)
6 = Action (High speed)
7 = Portrait
8 = Landscape
ExposureTime rational  
FileSource integer 1 = Film Scanner
2 = Reflection Print Scanner
3 = Digital Camera
FlashEnergy rational  
FlashFired boolean  
FlashFunction boolean  
FlashMode integer 0 = Unknown
1 = On
2 = Off
3 = Auto
FlashpixVersion string  
FlashRedEyeMode boolean  
FlashReturn integer 0 = No return detection
2 = Return not detected
3 = Return detected
FNumber rational  
FocalLength rational  
FocalLengthIn35mmFormat integer  
FocalPlaneResolutionUnit integer 1 = None
2 = inches
3 = cm
4 = mm
5 = um
FocalPlaneXResolution rational  
FocalPlaneYResolution rational  
GainControl integer 0 = None
1 = Low gain up
2 = High gain up
3 = Low gain down
4 = High gain down
GPSAltitude rational  
GPSAltitudeRef integer 0 = Above Sea Level
1 = Below Sea Level
GPSAreaInformation string  
GPSDestBearing rational  
GPSDestBearingRef string 'M' = Magnetic North
'T' = True North
GPSDestDistance rational  
GPSDestDistanceRef string 'K' = Kilometers
'M' = Miles
'N' = Nautical Miles
GPSDestLatitude string  
GPSDestLongitude string  
GPSDifferential integer 0 = No Correction
1 = Differential Corrected
GPSDOP rational  
GPSImgDirection rational  
GPSImgDirectionRef string 'M' = Magnetic North
'T' = True North
GPSLatitude string  
GPSLongitude string  
GPSMapDatum string  
GPSMeasureMode integer 2 = 2-Dimensional
3 = 3-Dimensional
GPSProcessingMethod string  
GPSSatellites string  
GPSSpeed rational  
GPSSpeedRef string 'K' = km/h
'M' = mph
'N' = knots
GPSStatus string 'A' = Measurement In Progress
'V' = Measurement Interoperability
GPSTimeStamp date  
GPSTrack rational  
GPSTrackRef string 'M' = Magnetic North
'T' = True North
GPSVersionID string  
ImageUniqueID string  
ISO integer+  
LightSource string 1 = Daylight
2 = Fluorescent
3 = Tungsten
4 = Flash
9 = Fine Weather
10 = Cloudy
11 = Shade
12 = Daylight Fluorescent
13 = Day White Fluorescent
14 = Cool White Fluorescent
15 = White Fluorescent
17 = Standard Light A
18 = Standard Light B
19 = Standard Light C
20 = D55
21 = D65
22 = D75
23 = D50
24 = ISO Studio Tungsten
255 = Other
MakerNote string  
MaxApertureValue rational  
MeteringMode integer 1 = Average
2 = Center-weighted average
3 = Spot
4 = Multi-spot
5 = Multi-segment
6 = Partial
255 = Other
NativeDigest string  
OECFColumns integer  
OECFNames string+  
OECFRows integer  
OECFValues rational+  
ExifImageWidth integer  
ExifImageLength integer  
RelatedSoundFile string  
Saturation integer 0 = Normal
1 = Low
2 = High
SceneCaptureType integer 0 = Standard
1 = Landscape
2 = Portrait
3 = Night
SceneType integer 1 = Directly photographed
SensingMethod integer 1 = Not defined
2 = One-chip color area
3 = Two-chip color area
4 = Three-chip color area
5 = Color sequential area
7 = Trilinear
8 = Color sequential linear
Sharpness integer 0 = Normal
1 = Soft
2 = Hard
ShutterSpeedValue rational  
SpatialFrequencyResponseColumns integer  
SpatialFrequencyResponseNames string+  
SpatialFrequencyResponseRows integer  
SpatialFrequencyResponseValues rational+  
SpectralSensitivity string  
SubjectArea integer+  
SubjectDistance rational  
SubjectDistanceRange integer 0 = Unknown
1 = Macro
2 = Close
3 = Distant
SubjectLocation integer+  
UserComment lang-alt  
WhiteBalance integer 0 = Auto
1 = Manual

XMP iptcCore Tags

IPTC Core schema tags. The actual IPTC Core namespace schema prefix is "Iptc4xmpCore", which is the prefix recorded in the file, but ExifTool shortens this for the "XMP-iptcCore" family 1 group name.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CountryCode string  
CreatorContactInfoCiAdrCity string  
CreatorContactInfoCiAdrCtry string  
CreatorContactInfoCiAdrExtadr string  
CreatorContactInfoCiAdrPcode string  
CreatorContactInfoCiAdrRegion string  
CreatorContactInfoCiEmailWork string  
CreatorContactInfoCiTelWork string  
CreatorContactInfoCiUrlWork string  
IntellectualGenre string  
Location string  
Scene string+  
SubjectCode string+  

XMP Lightroom Tags

Adobe Lightroom "lr" schema tags.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
HierarchicalSubject string+  
PrivateRTKInfo string  

XMP MediaPro Tags

IView MediaPro schema tags.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CatalogSets string+  
Event string  
Location string/ (avoided due to conflict with XMP-iptcCore:Location)
People string+  
Status string  
UserFields string+  

XMP Microsoft Tags

Microsoft Photo schema tags. This is likely not a complete list, but represents tags which have been observed in sample images. The actual namespace prefix is "MicrosoftPhoto", but ExifTool shortens this to "XMP-microsoft" in the family 1 group name.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CameraSerialNumber string  
DateAcquired date  
FlashManufacturer string  
FlashModel string  
LastKeywordIPTC string+  
LastKeywordXMP string+  
LensManufacturer string  
LensModel string  
RatingPercent string (normal Rating values of 1,2,3,4 and 5 stars correspond to RatingPercent values of 1,25,50,75 and 99 respectively)

XMP pdf Tags

Adobe PDF schema tags. The official XMP specification defines only Keywords, PDFVersion and Producer. The other tags are included because they have been observed in PDF files, but Creator, Subject and Title are avoided when writing due to name conflicts with XMP-dc tags.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Author string  
CreationDate date  
Creator string/  
Keywords string  
ModDate date  
PDFVersion string  
Producer string  
Subject string/  
Title string/  

XMP photoshop Tags

Adobe Photoshop schema tags.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AuthorsPosition string  
CaptionWriter string  
Category string  
City string  
ColorMode string  
Country string  
Credit string  
DateCreated date  
Headline string  
History string  
ICCProfileName string  
Instructions string  
LegacyIPTCDigest string  
SidecarForExtension string  
Source string/  
State string  
SupplementalCategories string+  
TransmissionReference string  
Urgency integer  

XMP PixelLive Tags

PixelLive schema tags. These tags are not writable becase they are very uncommon and I haven't been able to locate a reference which gives the namespace URI.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Author N  
Comments N  
Copyright N  
Date N  
Genre N  
Title N  

XMP tiff Tags

EXIF schema for TIFF tags.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Artist string  
BitsPerSample integer+  
Compression integer 1 = Uncompressed
2 = CCITT 1D
3 = T4/Group 3 Fax
4 = T6/Group 4 Fax
5 = LZW
6 = JPEG (old-style)
7 = JPEG
8 = Adobe Deflate
9 = JBIG B&W
10 = JBIG Color
32766 = Next
32769 = Epson ERF Compressed
32771 = CCIRLEW
32773 = PackBits
32809 = Thunderscan
32895 = IT8CTPAD
32896 = IT8LW
32897 = IT8MP
32898 = IT8BL
32908 = PixarFilm
32909 = PixarLog
32946 = Deflate
32947 = DCS
34661 = JBIG
34676 = SGILog
34677 = SGILog24
34712 = JPEG 2000
34713 = Nikon NEF Compressed
65000 = Kodak DCR Compressed
65535 = Pentax PEF Compressed
Copyright lang-alt  
DateTime date  
ImageDescription lang-alt  
ImageHeight integer  
ImageWidth integer  
Make string  
Model string  
NativeDigest string  
Orientation integer 1 = Horizontal (normal)
2 = Mirror horizontal
3 = Rotate 180
4 = Mirror vertical
5 = Mirror horizontal and rotate 270 CW
6 = Rotate 90 CW
7 = Mirror horizontal and rotate 90 CW
8 = Rotate 270 CW
PhotometricInterpretation integer 0 = WhiteIsZero
1 = BlackIsZero
2 = RGB
3 = RGB Palette
4 = Transparency Mask
5 = CMYK
6 = YCbCr
8 = CIELab
9 = ICCLab
10 = ITULab
32803 = Color Filter Array
32844 = Pixar LogL
32845 = Pixar LogLuv
34892 = Linear Raw
PlanarConfiguration integer 1 = Chunky
2 = Planar
PrimaryChromaticities rational+  
ReferenceBlackWhite rational+  
ResolutionUnit integer 1 = None
2 = inches
3 = cm
SamplesPerPixel integer  
Software string  
TransferFunction integer+  
WhitePoint rational+  
XResolution rational  
YCbCrCoefficients rational+  
YCbCrPositioning integer 1 = Centered
2 = Co-sited
YCbCrSubSampling string '1 1' = YCbCr4:4:4
'1 2' = YCbCr4:4:0
'2 1' = YCbCr4:2:2
'2 2' = YCbCr4:2:0
'4 1' = YCbCr4:1:1
'4 2' = YCbCr4:1:0
YResolution rational  

XMP xmp Tags

XMP Basic schema tags. If the older "xap", "xapBJ", "xapMM" or "xapRights" namespace prefixes are found, they are translated to the newer "xmp", "xmpBJ", "xmpMM" and "xmpRights" prefixes for use in family 1 group names.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Advisory string+  
BaseURL string  
CreateDate date  
CreatorTool string  
Identifier string/+  
Label string  
MetadataDate date  
ModifyDate date  
Nickname string  
Rating integer  
ThumbnailsFormat string+  
ThumbnailsHeight string+  
ThumbnailsImage N+  
ThumbnailsWidth string+  

XMP xmpBJ Tags

XMP Basic Job Ticket schema tags.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
JobRefId string+  
JobRefName string+  
JobRefUrl string+  

XMP xmpDM Tags

XMP Dynamic Media schema tags.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AbsPeakAudioFilePath string  
Album string  
AltTapeName string  
AltTimecodeTimeFormat string  
AltTimecodeTimeValue string  
Artist string/  
AudioChannelType string  
AudioCompressor string  
AudioModDate date  
AudioSampleRate integer  
AudioSampleType string  
BeatSpliceParamsRiseInDecibel real  
BeatSpliceParamsRiseInTimeDuration string  
BeatSpliceParamsUseFileBeatsMarker boolean  
Composer string  
ContributedMediaDuration string+  
ContributedMediaManaged boolean+  
ContributedMediaPath string+  
ContributedMediaStartTime string+  
ContributedMediaTrack string+  
ContributedMediaWebStatement string+  
Copyright string/  
Duration string  
Engineer string  
FileDataRate rational  
Genre string  
Instrument string  
IntroTime string  
Key string  
LogComment string  
Loop boolean  
MarkersComment string+  
MarkersDuration string+  
MarkersLocation string+  
MarkersName string+  
MarkersStartTime string+  
MarkersTarget string+  
MarkersType string+  
MetadataModDate date  
NumberOfBeats real  
OutCue string  
ProjectRefPath string  
ProjectRefType string  
PullDown string  
RelativePeakAudioFilePath string  
RelativeTimestamp string  
ReleaseDate date  
ResampleParamsQuality string  
ScaleType string  
Scene string/  
ShotDate date  
ShotLocation string  
ShotName string  
SpeakerPlacement string  
StartTimecodeTimeFormat string  
StartTimecodeTimeValue string  
StretchMode string  
TapeName string  
Tempo real  
TimeScaleParamsFrameOverlappingPercentage real  
TimeScaleParamsFrameSize real  
TimeScaleParamsQuality string  
TimeSignature string  
TrackNumber integer  
VideoAlphaMode string  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorA integer  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorB integer  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorBlack real  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorBlue integer  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorCyan real  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorGreen integer  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorL real  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorMagenta real  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorMode string  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorRed integer  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorSwatchName string  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorType string  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorYellow real  
VideoAlphaUnityIsTransparent boolean  
VideoColorSpace string  
VideoCompressor string  
VideoFieldOrder string  
VideoFrameRate string  
VideoFrameSizeH real  
VideoFrameSizeUnit string  
VideoFrameSizeW real  
VideoModDate date  
VideoPixelAspectRatio rational  
VideoPixelDepth string  

XMP xmpMM Tags

XMP Media Management schema tags.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
DerivedFromDocumentID string  
DerivedFromInstanceID string  
DerivedFromManager string  
DerivedFromManagerVariant string  
DerivedFromManageTo string  
DerivedFromManageUI string  
DerivedFromRenditionClass string  
DerivedFromRenditionParams string  
DerivedFromVersionID string  
DocumentID string  
HistoryAction string+  
HistoryInstanceID string+  
HistoryParameters string+  
HistorySoftwareAgent string+  
HistoryWhen date+  
InstanceID string  
LastURL string  
ManagedFromDocumentID string  
ManagedFromInstanceID string  
ManagedFromManager string  
ManagedFromManagerVariant string  
ManagedFromManageTo string  
ManagedFromManageUI string  
ManagedFromRenditionClass string  
ManagedFromRenditionParams string  
ManagedFromVersionID string  
Manager string  
ManagerVariant string  
ManageTo string  
ManageUI string  
PreservedFileName string  
RenditionClass string  
RenditionOfDocumentID string  
RenditionOfInstanceID string  
RenditionOfManager string  
RenditionOfManagerVariant string  
RenditionOfManageTo string  
RenditionOfManageUI string  
RenditionOfRenditionClass string  
RenditionOfRenditionParams string  
RenditionOfVersionID string  
RenditionParams string  
SaveID integer  
VersionID string  
VersionsComments string+  
VersionsEventAction string+  
VersionsEventInstanceID string+  
VersionsEventParameters string+  
VersionsEventSoftwareAgent string+  
VersionsEventWhen date+  
VersionsModifier string+  
VersionsModifyDate date+  
VersionsVersion string+  

XMP xmpPLUS Tags

XMP Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS) schema tags.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CreditLineReq boolean  
ReuseAllowed boolean  

XMP xmpRights Tags

XMP Rights Management schema tags.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Certificate string  
Marked boolean  
Owner string+  
UsageTerms lang-alt  
WebStatement string  

XMP xmpTPg Tags

XMP Paged-Text schema tags.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
ColorantsA integer+  
ColorantsB integer+  
ColorantsBlack real+  
ColorantsBlue integer+  
ColorantsCyan real+  
ColorantsGreen integer+  
ColorantsL real+  
ColorantsMagenta real+  
ColorantsMode string+  
ColorantsRed integer+  
ColorantsSwatchName string+  
ColorantsType string+  
ColorantsYellow real+  
FontsChildFontFiles string+  
FontsComposite boolean+  
FontsFontFace string+  
FontsFontFamily string+  
FontsFontFileName string+  
FontsFontName string+  
FontsFontType string+  
FontsVersionString string+  
MaxPageSizeH real  
MaxPageSizeUnit string  
MaxPageSizeW real  
NPages integer  
PlateNames string+  

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