Windows WAV and AVI files are RIFF format files. Meta information embedded in two types of RIFF LIST chunks: INFO and exif. As well, some information about the audio content is extracted from the fmt chunk.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'LIST_INFO' Info - --> RIFF Info Tags
'LIST_exif' Exif - --> RIFF Exif Tags
'LIST_hdrl' Hdrl - --> RIFF Hdrl Tags
'fmt ' AudioFormat - --> RIFF AudioFormat Tags

RIFF Info Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'IARL' ArchivalLocation N  
'IART' Artist N  
'ICMS' Commissioned N  
'ICMT' Comment N  
'ICOP' Copyright N  
'ICRD' DateCreated N  
'ICRP' Cropped N  
'IDIM' Dimensions N  
'IDPI' DotsPerInch N  
'IENG' Engineer N  
'IGNR' Genre N  
'IKEY' Keywords N  
'ILGT' Lightness N  
'IMED' Medium N  
'INAM' Title N  
'IPLT' NumColors N  
'IPRD' Product N  
'ISBJ' Subject N  
'ISFT' Software N  
'ISHP' Sharpness N  
'ISRC' Source N  
'ISRF' SourceForm N  
'ITCH' Technician N  

RIFF Exif Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'ecor' Make N  
'emdl' Model N  
'emnt' MakerNotes N  
'erel' RelatedImageFile N  
'etim' TimeCreated N  
'eucm' UserComment N  
'ever' ExifVersion N  

RIFF Hdrl Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'IDIT' DateTimeOriginal N  
'ISMP' TimeCode N  
'LIST_strl' Stream - --> RIFF Stream Tags
'avih' AVIHeader - --> RIFF AVIHeader Tags

RIFF Stream Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'strd' StreamData - --> RIFF StreamData Tags
'strf' AudioFormat
--> RIFF AudioFormat Tags
--> BMP Tags
'strh' StreamHeader - --> RIFF StreamHeader Tags
'strn' StreamName N  

RIFF StreamData Tags

This chunk contains EXIF information in FujiFilm F30 AVI files.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'AVIF' AVIF - --> EXIF Tags

RIFF AudioFormat Tags

IndexTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 Encoding N 0x1 = Microsoft PCM
0x2 = Microsoft ADPCM
0x3 = Microsoft IEEE float
0x4 = Compaq VSELP
0x5 = IBM CVSD
0x6 = Microsoft a-Law
0x7 = Microsoft u-Law
0x8 = Microsoft DTS
0x9 = DRM
0xa = WMA 9 Speech
0x10 = OKI-ADPCM
0x11 = Intel IMA/DVI-ADPCM
0x12 = Videologic Mediaspace ADPCM
0x13 = Sierra ADPCM
0x14 = Antex G.723 ADPCM
0x15 = DSP Solutions DIGISTD
0x16 = DSP Solutions DIGIFIX
0x17 = Dialoic OKI ADPCM
0x18 = Media Vision ADPCM
0x19 = HP CU
0x20 = Yamaha ADPCM
0x21 = SONARC Speech Compression
0x22 = DSP Group True Speech
0x23 = Echo Speech Corp.
0x24 = Virtual Music Audiofile AF36
0x25 = Audio Processing Tech.
0x26 = Virtual Music Audiofile AF10
0x27 = Aculab Prosody 1612
0x28 = Merging Tech. LRC
0x30 = Dolby AC2
0x31 = Microsoft GSM610
0x32 = MSN Audio
0x33 = Antex ADPCME
0x34 = Control Resources VQLPC
0x35 = DSP Solutions DIGIREAL
0x36 = DSP Solutions DIGIADPCM
0x37 = Control Resources CR10
0x38 = Natural MicroSystems VBX ADPCM
0x39 = Crystal Semiconductor IMA ADPCM
0x3a = Echo Speech ECHOSC3
0x3b = Rockwell ADPCM
0x3c = Rockwell DIGITALK
0x3d = Xebec Multimedia
0x40 = Antex G.721 ADPCM
0x41 = Antex G.728 CELP
0x42 = Microsoft MSG723
0x45 = ITU-T G.726
0x50 = Microsoft MPEG
0x51 = RT23 or PAC
0x52 = InSoft RT24
0x53 = InSoft PAC
0x55 = MP3
0x59 = Cirrus
0x60 = Cirrus Logic
0x61 = ESS Tech. PCM
0x62 = Voxware Inc.
0x63 = Canopus ATRAC
0x64 = APICOM G.726 ADPCM
0x65 = APICOM G.722 ADPCM
0x66 = Microsoft DSAT
0x67 = Micorsoft DSAT DISPLAY
0x69 = Voxware Byte Aligned
0x70 = Voxware AC8
0x71 = Voxware AC10
0x72 = Voxware AC16
0x73 = Voxware AC20
0x74 = Voxware MetaVoice
0x75 = Voxware MetaSound
0x76 = Voxware RT29HW
0x77 = Voxware VR12
0x78 = Voxware VR18
0x79 = Voxware TQ40
0x80 = Soundsoft
0x81 = Voxware TQ60
0x82 = Microsoft MSRT24
0x83 = AT&T G.729A
0x84 = Motion Pixels MVI MV12
0x85 = DataFusion G.726
0x86 = DataFusion GSM610
0x88 = Iterated Systems Audio
0x89 = Onlive
0x91 = Siemens SBC24
0x92 = Sonic Foundry Dolby AC3 APDIF
0x93 = MediaSonic G.723
0x94 = Aculab Prosody 8kbps
0x97 = ZyXEL ADPCM
0x98 = Philips LPCBB
0x99 = Studer Professional Audio Packed
0xa0 = Malden PhonyTalk
0x100 = Rhetorex ADPCM
0x101 = IBM u-Law
0x102 = IBM a-Law
0x103 = IBM ADPCM
0x111 = Vivo G.723
0x112 = Vivo Siren
0x123 = Digital G.723
0x125 = Sanyo LD ADPCM
0x130 = Sipro Lab ACEPLNET
0x131 = Sipro Lab ACELP4800
0x132 = Sipro Lab ACELP8V3
0x133 = Sipro Lab G.729
0x134 = Sipro Lab G.729A
0x135 = Sipro Lab Kelvin
0x140 = Dictaphone G.726 ADPCM
0x150 = Qualcomm PureVoice
0x151 = Qualcomm HalfRate
0x155 = Ring Zero Systems TUBGSM
0x160 = Microsoft Audio1
0x200 = Creative Labs ADPCM
0x202 = Creative Labs FASTSPEECH8
0x203 = Creative Labs FASTSPEECH10
0x210 = UHER ADPCM
0x220 = Quarterdeck Corp.
0x230 = I-Link VC
0x240 = Aureal Semiconductor Raw Sport
0x250 = Interactive Products HSX
0x251 = Interactive Products RPELP
0x260 = Consistent CS2
0x270 = Sony SCX
0x300 = Fujitsu FM TOWNS SND
0x400 = Brooktree Digital
0x450 = QDesign Music
0x680 = AT&T VME VMPCM
0x681 = AT&T TCP
0x1000 = Olivetti GSM
0x1001 = Olivetti ADPCM
0x1002 = Olivetti CELP
0x1003 = Olivetti SBC
0x1004 = Olivetti OPR
0x1100 = Lernout & Hauspie
0x1400 = Norris Comm. Inc.
0x1401 = ISIAudio
0x1500 = AT&T Soundspace Music Compression
0x2000 = FAST Multimedia DVM
0xfffe = Extensible
0xffff = Development
1 NumChannels N  
2 SampleRate N  
4 AvgBytesPerSec N  
7 BitsPerSample N  

RIFF StreamHeader Tags

IndexTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 StreamType N 'auds' = Audio
'mids' = MIDI
'txts' = Text
'vids' = Video
1 Codec N  
10 Quality N  
11 SampleSize N  

RIFF AVIHeader Tags

IndexTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 FrameRate N  
1 MaxDataRate N  
4 FrameCount N  
6 StreamCount N  
8 ImageWidth N  
9 ImageHeight N  

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