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"The Last Zapatistas"
A documentary by Prof. Francesco Taboada Tabone (Mexico)
In Spanish, with English sub-titles
7 pm, Friday, January 9, 2004 in Room 66-110

[Emeterio Pantaleon]

In the Mexican Revolution of 1910, Emiliano Zapata led an army composed of peasants & indigenous people. Some participants and observers, now aged 95-110, still live in Southern Mexico, and still remember the causes & passions that animated the politics of their younger days. In this film, these lively survivors look back at the Revolution, its outcome, & its legacy. They show us how much—or how little—their lives have changed. They share not only their memories but also their thoughts about present-day agrarian & ecological challenges, as well as their views on the prospects for peace, prosperity, & justice in the Mexico they leave for their descendants.

Joining us will be activist Kevin Batt, just returned from a visit with today's Zapatistas in Chiapas.