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About HERUG Committee and Meetings

The officers of the HER User Group consist of a Chairperson, a Deputy Chairperson, and an additional three members of the Executive Committee(one of which is the immediate past Chairperson and the other two are elected). The Chairperson's term of office is approximately one year and lasts from the main HER User Group meeting to the next one. The main meeting of the HER User Group each year elects a new Deputy Chairperson to take office after the meeting and to become the Chairperson a year later. The main meeting of the HER User Group also elects additional members of the Executive Committee who take up office immediately. The Executive Committee is augmented by one or more liaison persons as nominated by SAP AG.

Attendance at meetings of the HER User Group is open to all members and to HER Institutions that are “qualified SAP prospects.” The right to vote at such meetings is restricted to member institutions.

Institutions considering implementing SAP may be allowed to attend the Annual meeting at the discretion of the Chairperson.

As there is no charge or dues associated with the membership of this user group, it has been agreed that any institution hosting a HERUG meeting is entitled to charge a modest registration fee that is intended to recover only the actual costs incurred.

For any enquiry or suggestion on HERUG or the HERUG website, please contact the current HERUG Chair.
For any problem accessing the website, please contact the website administrator at her-owner@MIT.EDU
Last modified on 17 January, 2012