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The Feynman Films
Markos Hankin
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: None

This series of films by Richard Feynman is open to the MIT community.
Contact: Markos Hankin, 4-309, 253-4844,
Sponsor: Physics

"The Law of Gravitation"
Markos Hankin
Mon Jan 8, 12:15-01:15pm, 6-120

"The Best Mind Since Einstein"
Markos Hankin
Wed Jan 10, 12:15-01:15pm, 6-120

"The Relation of Mathematics to Physics"
Markos Hankin
Fri Jan 12, 12:15-01:15pm, 6-120

"The Great Conservation Principles"
Markos Hankin
Wed Jan 17, 12:15-01:15pm, 6-120

"Symmetry in Physical Law"
Markos Hankin
Fri Jan 19, 12:15-01:15pm, 6-120

"The Last Journey of a Genius"
Markos Hankin
Mon Jan 22, 12:15-01:15pm, 6-120

"Take the World from Another Point of View"
Markos Hankin
Wed Jan 24, 12:15-01:15pm, 6-120

"The Distinction of Past and Future"
Markos Hankin
Fri Jan 26, 12:15-01:15pm, 6-120

"Probability and Uncertainty"
Markos Hankin
Tue Jan 30, 12:15-01:15pm, 6-120

"Seeking New Laws"
Markos Hankin
Fri Feb 2, 12:15-01:15pm, 6-120
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