IAP 2001 Activity

Designing with Altera MAX+PLUS II
Grant Smith , Professor Donald E. Troxel
Fri Jan 26, 09am-04:00pm, 38-600

Enrollment limited: advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 08-Jan-2001
Limited to 30 participants.
Single session event
Prereq: You must have a valid Athena account.

While details remain to be finalized, this is very much a "hands on" course. We will learn how to use the MAX+PLUS II software and how to program a device on the UP board. Presentations will be alternated with computer-based exercises culminating in the actual programming and testing of a complex digital integrated circuit. (Desirable background : Familiarity with digital system design and/or familiarity with VHDL.)
Free Goodies: Altera MAX+PLUS II software for personal and educational use (non-commercial). plus (1) UP 1 Board to each attendee. Details of each explained at the IAP course.
Contact: Professor Donald E. Troxel, 36-287, x3-2570,
Sponsor: Electrical Eng & Computer Sci
Latest update: 08-Dec-2000

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