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(Available September, 2003)

Welcome to the IAP Posting Forms page. Beginning mid-September, 2003, you may:

    • Obtain MIT Digital Certificates needed to access the IAP Posting System.

    • Propose a new IAP for-credit subject or non-credit activity.

    • Edit an activity or subject you previously proposed.


Before you proceed:

Do you have your Digital Certificate(s)?
Certificates are required for IAP Proposal access. If you don't have one, go to the MIT WebSIS - Student Information System page and follow the instructions.

Am I authorized to post listings?
Check here to see if you are on the IAP Sponsoring Groups and Authorized Users page. If you are not listed, contact iap-www@mit.edu, or call x3-1668.

Is this my first time posting a listing?
For detailed instructions on using the posting system, go to the
Using the IAP Posting Forms for Non-Credit Activities or Posting Forms for-Credit Subjects pages.

Post, Revise, and View My IAP 2004 Subjects and Activities:
Here, you can propose new IAP subjects and activities, make updates and edits to existing IAP 2004 activities, and renew IAP offerings from a previous year.


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