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IAP 2004 Subjects

Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Power Plant Dynamics and Control
John Bernard
Tue Jan 13, Thu Jan 15, Tue Jan 20, Thu Jan 22, Tue Jan 27, 01:30-02:30pm, NW12-222

Prereq: Graduate Level
Level: G 3 units Standard A - F Grading   

Introduction to reactor dynamics including subcritical multiplication, critical operation in absence of thermal feedback effects and effects of Xenon, fuel and moderator temperature, etc. Derivation of point kinetics and dynamic period equations. Techniques for reactor control including signal validation, supervisory algorithms, model-based trajectory tracking, and rule-based control. Overview of light-water reactor startup. Lectures and demonstrations with computer simulation and the use of the MIT Research Reactor. Contact: Kathleen O'Connell, NW12-208, 253-4220, katieo@mit.edu

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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