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IAP 2004 Activities by Sponsor

Academic Department
Aeronautics and Astronautics
Chemical Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Comparative Media Studies
Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Edgerton Center
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Engineering Systems Division
Experimental Study Group
Health Sciences & Technology
Linguistics and Philosophy

MIT Open Courseware
Materials Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Media Arts & Sciences
Music and Theater Arts
Ocean Engineering
Political Science
Science,Technology & Society
Sloan School of Management
Technology and Policy Program
Urban Studies and Planning
Writing and Humanistic Studies

Laboratory for Energy and the Environment
Lincoln Laboratory
Nuclear Reactor Lab

Spectroscopy Lab
Wallace Astrophysical Observatory

Academic Media Production Services
Center for International Studies
Center for Materials Science and Engineering

Center for Space Research
Operations Research Center
Plasma Science and Fusion Center

Student Group
American Jiu Jitsu at MIT
Anime Club
Arab Student Organization
Association of Taiwanese Students
Brain Respiration Club
Buddhist Community
Casino Rueda Group
Chinese Students Club
Dance Mix Coalition
Eta Kappa Nu
Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Graduate Student Coffeehouse
Go Club
Graduate Christian Fellowship
Hellenic Students' Association
Hindu Students Council
Human Factors & Ergonomics Society
Hunger Action Group
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
Isshinryu Karate-do
Japanese Association of MIT
Kokikai Aikido Club
Korean Karate Club
Laboratory for Chocolate Science
Lindy Hop Society
MIT Argentine Tango Club
MIT Assassins Guild
MIT Bahai Association
MIT Ballroom Dance Club
MIT Concert Band
MIT Electronic Research Society
MIT Figure Skating Club

MIT Folk Dance Club
MIT Greens
MIT Guild of Bellringers
MIT Judo Club
MIT Karate Club
MIT Kendo Club
MIT Mystery Hunt
MIT Science Fiction Society
MIT Tae Kwon Do Club
MIT Vietnamese Students Association
MIT-Greece Working Group
Outing Club
Panhellenic Association
Roadkill Buffet
Satellite Engineering Team
Science Engineering and Business Club
Societo por Esperanto
Society for Creative Anachronism
Sport Taekwondo Club
Student Art Association
Student Information Processing Board
Students for Exploration and Development of Space
Students for Global Sustainability
Tau Beta Pi
Tech Model Railroad Club
Tech Squares
Undergraduate LBGT Community
Vegetarian Group
WMBR Radio
Western Hemisphere Project

Administrative Department
Alumni Association
Athletics, Physical Education & Recreation (DAPER)
Audit Division
Cambridge-MIT Institute
Campus Police
Career Services & Preprofessional Advising
Counseling and Support Services
Department of Facilities
Division of Student Life
Human Resources
Information Systems
International Students Office

MIT Medical
MIT Museum
Office of Academic Services
Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education
Public Service Center
Student Financial Services
Student Life Programs
Teaching and Learning Lab
Technology Licensing Office
Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
Writing and Communication Center

Other MIT Groups
Adoptive Families at MIT
Episcopal Chaplaincy
Lutheran Ministry at MIT
MIT Hobby Shop

MIT Womens League
Muslim Chaplaincy
Richard C. Maclaurin Lodge, A.F. & A.M.

Joost P Bonsen
Marissa A Cheng
Priscilla Del Castillo
Joel D Eaves
Sharotka Godzina
Clifford H Hodges
Stephen S Intille
Felix Kreisel
Jason M Lapenta
Walter C Lee
Matthew A Lehar
Ruth Levitsky
Nathan G Lovell

Mateusz K Malinowski
Tenley D McHarg
David Micus
Jasmin Moghbeli
Michael P Nagle
Manu Prakash
Irit Rappley
Jennifer A Recklet
Shiou L Sam
Penny Sloane
David W Ward
Justin K Werfel

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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