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IAP 2004 Activities by Category

Management and Entrepreneurship

Fly Business for the Price of Coach: Managing your Frequent Flyer Portfolio
Thomas Gorin, Emmanuel Carrier
Fri Jan 9, 11am-12:30pm, Room 33-116
Mon Jan 12, 01-02:30pm, Room E51-376

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Repeating event. Participants welcome at any session
Prereq: None

Regardless of how often or where you fly, chances are you aren't taking full advantage of the benefits of frequent flyer programs. Numerous travelers don't even earn frequent flyer miles, and those who do only use them to purchase award tickets. We will tell you everything about frequent flyer miles, the tricks to earning miles more frequently, and earning them for any use (e.g. upgrades, hotel rooms , and magazines). We will tell you how to maximize your earning potential, take advantage of bonus promotions, and go on mileage runs to top off your frequent flyer accounts. Sessions cover basics of frequent flyer programs including strengths and weaknesses, and examples of how MIT students can maximize their earning potential.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/gorint9/www/IAP/overview.html
Contact: Thomas Gorin, x3-7748, gorint9@mit.edu
Sponsor: Aeronautics and Astronautics

High-Tech Start Ups
Jack M. Gill, Ph.D. Vanguard Venture Partners
Mon-Wed, Fri, Jan 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 20-21, 23, 26, 28, 10-11:30am, E56-270

Enrollment limited: advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 19-Dec-2003
Limited to 50 participants.
Participants requested to attend all sessions (non-series)

This class is designed for Science and Engineering faculty, graduate students, and upperclass undergraduates. Topics to be covered: VCs, Entrepreneurs, VC Firms; Startup Company Dynamics; Stock Options, Compensations; Financings, Cap Schemes, IPOs; Life Science Case Study; Photonics Case Study; Internet Case Study; Patents, IP, Tech Transfer; Telecom Case Study; and High-tech Career Planning.
Contact: Kathleen Sullivan, kaths@mit.edu
Sponsor: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

How to Generate Compelling Business Ideas for the MIT $50K Business Plan Competition
Michael Osofsky
Tue Jan 20, 01-04:00pm, E51-145

No limit but advance sign up required (see contact below)

Are you an entrepreneur who would like to maximize your chance of success in creating a new high-tech business? Then, as you may already know, the most important thing to do in creating your business concept is to focus on solving a problem with high technology. Come learn a systematic method that will unearth compelling new markets for your business. The method is called the Lead User Method and it was developed by Professor Eric Von Hippel. This technique has fundamentally improved the way that innovative companies generate business concepts. Contact innovationclub-exec@mit.edu to register for this course (use the subject "LUM sign-up"). Sponsored by the MIT Innovation Club.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/innovation
Contact: Michael Osofsky, mosofsky@sloan.mit.edu
Sponsor: Sloan School of Management

Key Skills for Managing Breakthrough: How to Create Future Concepts in Complex Environment
Shoji Shiba
Wed Jan 21, Thu Jan 22, 09am-04:00pm, E51-057 and 061

Enrollment limited: advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 12-Jan-2004
Limited to 18 participants.
Participants requested to attend all sessions (non-series)
Prereq: None (non-Sloan graduate students encouraged)
Fee: 15.00 for LP manual

This activity's goal is to describe some scientific skills for perceiving changes in your business environment and creating a clear view of appropriate future direction. This activity is a step by step, practice-based workshop, not a classroom lecture and discussion. Among the skills covered include perceiving symptoms of change using visual image data; converting perception into factual language data; and formulating your own future concepts and model based on the factual language data. The concrete scientific method illustrated in this activity (known as LP method) can be used to address most of problems you will face in your future career.
Contact: Maria L. Sosa, E52-557, x3-6620, lsosa@mit.edu
Sponsor: Sloan School of Management

MIT Enterprise Forum Satellite Broadcast
Greg Wymer
Wed Jan 21, 07-09:00pm, Kresge Auditorium, Doors open at 6 PM.

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Single session event

The Satellite Broadcast focuses on technical entrepreneurship from members of the MIT community and other leaders involved in building technology-oriented companies. Moderated by MIT Professor Ed Roberts.

Students with valid ID can attend for free.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/entforum
Contact: Greg Wymer, W59-230, (617) 253-0015, mitef@mit.edu
Sponsor: Alumni Association

MITíS Model Environment, Health and Safety Management System
Professor David H. Marks, James T. Curtis, P.E., LSP, Tom A. Pedersen
Wed Jan 28, 02-04:00pm, E40-496

Enrollment limited: advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 28-Jan-2004
Limited to 50 participants.
Single session event
Prereq: N/A

MIT is currently implementing a comprehensive Environment, Health & Safety Management System to serve as a model for large academic research institutions. The EHS-MS development and implementation project involves members of MIT's academic, staff and administration at multiple levels. This course will examine the process that MIT is using to build a sustainable management system that fulfills MIT's EHS Policy and focus on the organizational improvements and activities underway. At the end of this workshop participants will: 1) Understand MIT's EHS-MS project approach and what it means to them; 2) Recognize organizational changes issues that are part of management system projects; 3) Learn their role in sustaining the EHS-MS.
Contact: James T. Curtis, N52-496, x2-2508, curtisjt@mit.edu
Sponsor: Laboratory for Energy and the Environment

Marketing: An Introduction for Entrepreneurs
Barbara Bund
Mon Jan 12 thru Thu Jan 15, 01-04:00pm, E51-335

Enrollment limited: advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 08-Jan-2004
Limited to 70 participants.
Participants requested to attend all sessions (non-series)
Prereq: Non-Sloan graduate students encouraged.

To start a business or to become involved in one, you will need to understand marketing. This course introduces definitions and basic concepts of marketing: customers, market segment, marketing strategy, and the marketing mix (product, price, distribution, communication). Intended for non-Sloan graduate students; advance sign-up required. To register please email your name, MIT affiliation, grad year, and major to the address below.
Contact: Melanie Etchison, etchison@mit.edu
Sponsor: Sloan School of Management

Performance Management of Technical Staff
Tim Panagos
Mon Jan 26, Tue Jan 27, Wed Jan 28, 09am-04:00pm, 56-154, 9 AM - Noon on 1/28/03

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants requested to attend all sessions (non-series)

You will learn practical tools and processes for improving the job performance of technical personnel in these interactive sessions. Using simple supervisory techniques, people can be led to achieve organizational goals in firms ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to multinational conglomerates. Sessions cover job specification, goal setting, employee motivation, decision making, coaching, and more. These sessions will impart skills necessary to succeed as a supervisor or employee. No prior management experience is assumed or required.
Contact: MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge, W59-229, (617) 253-3937, achaney@mit.edu
Sponsor: Alumni Association

So What Exactly Does the Bottom Line at a Company Mean?
Raju Patel
Tue Jan 27, 02-03:00pm, 31-161

No limit but advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 20-Jan-2004
Single session event

We will look over an Annual Report and attempt to analyze what it means to you as an engineer, a project manager, department head or CEO of a large company. Issues such as cost of capital stock performance, the role of auditors and directors and management compensation will be examined.
Contact: Raju Patel, 37-441, x3-4248, rpatel@mit.edu
Sponsor: Aeronautics and Astronautics

The Hesitant Start-Up Technologist
Bruce N. Anderson '69
Tue Jan 13, 12am-02:00pm, Bush Room (10-105)

Enrollment limited: advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 12-Jan-2004
Limited to 50 participants.
Single session event

For technologists who have been thinking about commercializing their technology, but haven't taken the plunge. Maybe you're too busy; don't know how to get started or what your options are; never done it before; don't really want to start a business; want to launch a startup but don't want to run it; don't want to leave current employment; can't take the risk; afraid you'll lose control of your technology; afraid of being "eaten by the sharks". Case study examples and concrete steps you can take to overcome your inertia and get started.
Contact: Bruce N. Anderson '69, (617) 290-9913, brucenanderson@alum.mit.edu
Sponsor: Alumni Association

What is Management Science? What is Operations Research?
John Little, James Orlin
Wed Jan 14, Fri Jan 16, 10:30am-12:00pm, 2-105

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: none

Do you enjoy mathematics and computers? Would you like to apply your skills to business, government, and non-profit institutions? Then come and learn about the fields of operations research and management science, a science for improving the decisions of organizations. These fields typically use data, mathematical models, and computer-based information systems. Intended for undergraduates and graduate students considering OR/MS as a field of study. The second session will be followed by a lunch in E40-106. Participants welcome at individual sessions but attendance at both sessions is encouraged.
Contact: John Little, E56-308, x3-3738, jlittle@mit.edu
Sponsor: Sloan School of Management

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