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IAP 2004 Activities by Category

Special Events

"6.270" Autonomous Robot Competition
Sean Lie
Thu Jan 29, 06-09:00pm, Kresge Main

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Single session event

The final rounds of the annual MIT 6.270 autonomous robot competition. Come watch 60 robots face-off against one another in an exciting double-elimination tournament.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/6.270
Contact: 6.270 Organizer, 38-600, 6.270-organizers@mit.edu
Sponsor: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

4th Annual Technology and Entrepreneurship Forum (TEF) and VentureFest
Frederyk Ngantung, Jin Yi, Lillian Dai, Arvind Govindarajan
Fri Jan 23, 10am-09:00pm, 10-250 + Others

No limit but advance sign up required (see contact below)
Single session event
Prereq: Pre-registration on http://web.mit.edu/sebc

The TEF is a full-day event on emerging technology and entrepreneurship. TEF showcases some of the most respected and influential leaders in cutting edge technologies:

Dr. John Maraganore, CEO, Alnylam
Dr. Paul Perry, Director, Verizon Communications
Prof. Angela Belcher, MIT BE/DMSE
Dr. Charles Bennett, IBM Fellow
Dr. Mandayam Srinivasan, MIT Touch Lab.

In addition, TEF offers workshops on negotiation, public speaking, dress-to-success, networking, and communication across disciplines. Room location is posted on our website.
The TEF will be followed by VentureFest, a joint networking event with TechLink.

Pre-registration on URL below.
Web: http://www.mit-sebc.net/tef2004_prereg.html
Contact: Frederyk Ngantung, 16-436, frederyk@mit.edu
Sponsor: Science Engineering and Business Club

Brown Bag Lunch -- Mars Gravity Biosatellite
Audrey Schaffer
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

The Mars Gravity Biosatellite Program will study the effects of Martian-level gravity on mammals by sending a payload of mice into low-earth orbit, exposing the mice to partial gravity for five weeks, and returning the mice safely to earth to study the effects of reduced gravity. During IAP, students involved in the Mars Gravity Project will give Friday lunchtime presentations on a particular aspect of the project to inform the public about details of the program and the current design. Any member of the MIT community is welcome to attend. Bring your lunch, bring your questions, and bring a friend!
Web: http://www.marsgravity.org
Contact: Audrey Schaffer, 41-116, (617) 452-3309, audreys@mit.edu
Sponsor: Satellite Engineering Team

Program Overview
Paul Wooster
General overview of the program, including mission objectives, project timeline, projected cost, business development efforts, work to date, and student involvement.
Fri Jan 9, 12-01:30pm, 41-116

Science Overview
Erika Wagner, Thomas Coffee
Overview of science objectives of mission, motivation for scientific studies, current and past work on ground control tests, and research framework for mission data.
Fri Jan 16, 12-01:30pm, 41-116

Systems Engineering Overview
Rachel Lee
Overview of spacecraft as a whole, mission requirements, operational timelines, testing plans, and interface design.
Fri Jan 23, 12-01:30pm, 41-116

Payload Engineering Overview
Marcus Lopez
Overview of payload system of spacecraft, including life support systems, structural design, sensors and software, and unique animal care challenges.
Fri Jan 30, 12-01:30pm, 41-116

Charm School 2004
Linda Noel, Charm School Coordinator, Tom Robinson
Fri Jan 30, 12-05:30pm, W20

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Single session event
Prereq: None

How do I ask for a date? Should I speak to strangers when riding in an elevator? At what point in an interview should I ask about salary range? Can I use my cell phone in a restaurant? Etiquette-related subjects will be taught in an informal, fun atmosphere at Charm School. No pre-registration is required; students are free to choose from the many topics offered. The most ambitious students may earn "charm credits" towards a formal Charm School degree. Degrees will be awarded at the Charm School Commencement from 4:30-5:00 in the Student Center lobby, which will be followed by the 3rd annual Fashion Show. All members of the MIT community are encouraged to attend all events.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/slp/charm/
Contact: Linda Noel, Charm School Coordinator, W20-549, x3-5369, ldnoel@mit.edu
Sponsor: Division of Student Life

Greek Gods--Human Lives: What We Can Learn From Myths
Konstantinos Tsakonas, Mary Lefkowitz
Tue Jan 27, 03-06:00pm, 3-133

No limit but advance sign up required (see contact below)
Single session event

Classicist Mary Lefkowitz reintroduces the literature of ancient Greece. She demonstrates that the Greek myths, although endlessly entertaining, are never frivolous. Ancient writers use myths as a means of reminding humans of the severe limitations imposed on them by the conditions of mortality, and the many dangers present in the world they inhabit. These same stories can still offer a reliable guide to life in our own time with insights about the meaning of divinity, the nature of justice, and the limitations of human knowledge. There is much to learn from listening to what the ancient writers say, even if we are not prepared literally to believe in their theology.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/mit-greece/www/index.htm
Contact: MIT-Greece Working Group, x3-1000, mitgreece@mit.edu
Sponsor: MIT-Greece Working Group

HKN/TBP Student Project Expo
Justin Mazzola Paluska
Fri Jan 23, 02-04:00pm, Bush Room (10-105)

No limit but advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 19-Dec-2003
Single session event

This will be an informal event where undergraduates and MEng students from all departments can show off any project they've been working on--whether it be for a class, UROP, summer job, or just a cool hack from the basement. Faculty and corporate representatives have been invited, and students from all disciplines are welcome to attend!
Web: http://hkn.mit.edu/expo
Contact: Justin Mazzola Paluska, project-expo@mit.edu
Sponsor: Eta Kappa Nu

Human Resources: Looking to the Future
Robin Carleton
Wed Jan 28, 09am-12:00pm, 10-105

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Single session event

Visit MIT Human Resources Department's annual event showcasing its newest services. Hear from MIT's senior leaders about their vision for MIT's quality workplace. Participate in mini-learning events to enhance your work.
Contact: Robin Carleton, W89-270, x8-9511, carleton@mit.edu
Sponsor: Human Resources

I'm In! Now What? Leadership Strategies for FSILG Emerging Leaders
Kaya Gerberich, David Rogers, Frank Council
Wed Jan 21, 10am-12:30pm, TBA

No limit but advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 20-Jan-2004
Single session event

Are you a freshman, or a sophomore in your FSILG? If so, you are the future of your organization. This fun, interactive session is designed to give you insight into your leadership personality, organizational skills, and will help you prepare for taking on a leadership role within your fraternity, sorority or living group.
Contact: Kaya Gerberich, W20-549, x3-4663, kgerberi@mit.edu
Sponsor: Division of Student Life

Inventing Events: A Workshop
J. Mark Schuster, Barnaby Evans, Cheryl Hughes
Tue Jan 27, Thu Jan 29, Fri Jan 30, 02-05:00pm, 10-485

Join Barnaby Evans, Artist-in-Residence in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, and Cheryl Hughes, Program Director of the Chicago Mayor’s Office of Special Events for a three-day workshop that will conceptualize, invent, and design a new event for the MIT community. During the workshop we will discuss various styles of international and local events, festivals and rituals; develop concepts for an event unique to MIT; select a site(s); design the space(s); and produce project timelines. We will then seek financial support to produce the event at MIT. This workshop is open to anyone who has an interest in art, music, sports, design, ritual, or celebrations. Co-sponsored by MIT Office of the Arts.
Contact: J. Mark Schuster, x3-7323, jonmark@mit.edu
Sponsor: Urban Studies and Planning

Jason Fuller, Jose Pacheco, Rajesh Srinivasaraghavan, Ali Khademhosseini
Thu Jan 29, 07-10:00pm, Walker

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Single session event
Prereq: Age ID required for alcohol consumption

Techlink's signature event, JazzLink has been one of the largest networking events bringing together students from technology and business. JazzLink will be held in Walker Memorial, Morss Hall and will feature Live Jazz, International (wine) Vintages and Cheese. Must be 21+ to consume alcohol; proper ID required.
Web: http://mit.edu/techlink/
Contact: Jason Fuller, E25-342, x3-0939, jfuller@mit.edu
Sponsor: TechLink

Leadership Empowerment: Becoming a Dynamic and Effective Leader in your FSILG
Frank Council, David Rogers, Kaya Gerberich
Thu Jan 22, 10am-12:30pm, TBA

No limit but advance sign up required (see contact below)
Single session event
Prereq: none

As an officer within your FSILG, you are looked upon to make good decisions regarding the day-to-day activities and operation of your organization. This fun and engaging session, geared towards FSILG members and a follow-up to the "Leadership Strategies for Emerging Leaders of FSILGs", is designed to highlight effective decision making, to give insight into creating a vision for your FSILG, and to instill confidence in your ability to be a leader in your FSILG. Emerging Leaders workshop attendance not required as a prerequisite.
Contact: Frank Council, W20-549, x8-9762, fcouncil@mit.edu
Sponsor: Division of Student Life

MIT LeaderShape
Tracy Purinton, Kirk Kolenbrander
Fri Jan 16 thru Wed Jan 21, 07am-11:00pm, Sharon, MA

Enrollment limited: advance sign up required (see contact below)
Limited to 65 participants.
Participants requested to attend all sessions (non-series)

MIT LeaderShape is a six-day, leadership development experience that brings MIT students, faculty, and staff together in an intensive, advanced curriculum. Now in its tenth year, and with over 500 past participants, MIT LeaderShape has seen the creation of individual plans of action that have transformed the MIT community. There is no charge, and admission is only by application. Applications may be obtained online at the URL below and are due October 31, 2003. Participants stay at the conference site throughout the six days. MIT LeaderShape is sponsored by the MIT Office of the Dean for Student Life.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/leadershape/www/
Contact: Tracy Purinton, W20-549, x3-4158, purinton@mit.edu
Sponsor: Division of Student Life

MIT: Through the Lens
Lawrence Gallagher, Director, MIT Video Productions
Mon Jan 5, 12, Mon Jan 26, 12-01:30pm, Bush Room, Bring your lunch!

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

A fascinating array of research discoveries, lectures, events and unusual interactions occur on the MIT campus almost daily. Many of these are captured on film by MIT Video Productions. Join us for a series of Monday brown-bag lunches, and enjoy recent footage highlighting the many facets of our remarkable community. Learn how MIT departments, labs and centers utilize video -- via satellite, internet, DVD and more -- to communicate their messages.
Contact: Joanne Flood, 9-415, (617) 253-5475, jflood@mit.edu
Sponsor: Academic Media Production Services

Panhellenic Association Information Session
Kaya Gerberich
Wed Jan 28, 06-08:00pm, Walker Dining Room

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Single session event

Learn more about the best thing going for strong, independent, talented undergraduate women at the Institute! Sorority women strive to excel in all areas of college life, and support and enhance the academic mission of the Institute. Each Panhellenic Sorority promotes leadership, academic excellence, service, and lifelong friendships, and each provides support programs, philanthropic and community service events, and social outings for it's members. All MIT women are encouraged to come meet the women of MIT's National Panhellenic Sororities and discuss the opportunities for scholarship, leadership, and sisterhood that sorority membership brings. Free dinner provided at the info session!
Web: http://www/web.mit.edu/panhel
Contact: Kaya Gerberich, W20-549, x3-4663, kgerberi@mit.edu
Sponsor: Panhellenic Association

Terrascope Arctic Film Series
Debra Aczel
Thu Jan 15, 22, 29, 07-09:00pm, 16-177

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: none

Come join us for this Terrascope-sponsored film night. Refreshments to follow. Film to be announced.
Contact: Debra Aczel, 16-177, 253-4074, daczel@mit.edu
Sponsor: Terrascope

The Cambridge-MIT Undergraduate Student Exchange Program -- Is it for You?
Rita Monson, Michelle Seitz
Thu Jan 22, Tue Jan 27, 01-03:00pm, 5-231

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Repeating event. Participants welcome at any session

Planning to apply to the Cambridge-MIT Undergraduate Student Exchange program? Come and talk with the MIT students who've "been there, done that." Bring your questions and concerns and these students will answer them for you. They'll also provide you with many reasons to go to Cambridge in addition to the academics. Hear the way it is from the students who spent last year at the University of Cambridge. Pizza provided.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/cmi/ue/mit-about.html
Contact: Nancy Crosby, 6-203, x3-6057, ncrosby@mit.edu
Sponsor: Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education

The Document Dilemma: From Desktop to Mailbox
Marty O' Brien, June Milligan
Wed Jan 14, 02:30-04:00pm, 10-105

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Single session event

Join Marty O'Brien of Mail Services and June Milligan of CopyTech as they review various options to help you find the best way to get your document from desktop to mailbox.
Contact: Marty O' Brien, WW15, x3-6728, mobrien@mit.edu
Sponsor: Department of Facilities

The Factory of the Future: A Workshop in Stuttgart and Munich, Germany
Bernd Widdig, Gracia McGovern
Wed Jan 7 thru Fri Jan 16, 09am-05:00pm, Germany

Enrollment limited: advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 20-Nov-2003
Limited to 15 participants.
Participants requested to attend all sessions (non-series)
Prereq: Some background in manufacturing is desired
Fee: 300.00 for travel expenses

What will factories look like in ten years? Will production continue to move out of the most industrialized countries? How can manufacturing be environmentally sound? What wlll be the future relationship between suppliers & manufacturers in a globalized economy? Join us on a trip to Germany where we’ll discuss these questions with young German scientists and engineers from DaimlerChrsyler and Siemens. We will also get a look behind the scenes at the Mercedes Benz production facilities, and learn how Siemens' technology impacts the production of beer in one of Munich’s most famous breweries. Workshops are in English. Organized by MIT Germany and co-sponsored by DaimlerChrysler, Siemens, and the German Academic Exchange Service.
Contact: Bernd Widdig, E38-762A, x3-3925, bwiddig@mit.edu
Sponsor: Center for International Studies

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