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IAP 2004 Activity

Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology Lecture Series
Speech & Hearing Bioscience and Technology PhD Students
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

Have you ever wondered how you can tell where sounds are coming from, how your brain processes language, or why loud sounds are harmful? Explore these and other topics in the science of human communication.
Web: http://websis.mit.edu/iap/nshst.html
Contact: Laura Dilley, (617) 253-5957, dilley@mit.edu
Sponsor: Health Sciences & Technology

After the Tone: Auditory Strategies for Encoding and Analyzing Pitch
Nick Malyska
This lecture will trace sound from reception in the inner ear to interpretation in the brain & explore "tools" we use to meet challenges of pitch perception.
Wed Jan 7, 01-02:00pm, E25-111

The Secret Lives of Everyday Speech Processing Devices
Nick Malyska
From cell phones & answering machines to voice disguisers & pitch shifters, this lecture introduces modern technology used to manipulate the human voice.
Mon Jan 12, 01-02:00pm, E25-111

Aphasia and Apraxia of "Speech"
Tony Okobi
This talk will discuss aphasia, the loss or impairment of the ability to comprehend or produce language due to brain damage, and apraxia, a neurological motor deficit.
Wed Jan 14, 01-02:00pm, E25-111

Noise and Its Effects on Hearing (NOTE TIME CHANGE)
Keith Darrow
A discussion of the hazardous effects of noise, acoustic injury of the peripheral auditory system & the neural system's function in protecting the cochlea.
Wed Jan 21, 01-02:00pm, E25-111

Where is That Sound Coming From?
Sasha Devore
This talk describes the process of spatial localization, the utilization of acoustic cues to determine which direction a sound came from.
Wed Jan 21, 01-02:00pm, E25-111

Perceiving a Linguistic Feature
Steven Lulich
How do percieve differences between letters like 'p' and 'b'? We will review recent findings on the way our auditory system encodes some linguistic distinctions.
Mon Jan 26, 01-02:00pm, E25-111

Deaf Culture, Sign Language, and Cochlear Implants
Brad Buran
We will explore cochlear implants and other speech and hearing topics relevant to the Deaf community.
Wed Jan 28, 01-02:00pm, E25-111
Latest update: 15-Jan-2004

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