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IAP 2004 Activity

How Baseball Teaches Us The Best Way to Elect the President
Alan Natapoff
Wed Jan 14, 04-05:30pm, 37-212, NOTE ROOM CHANGE

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Single session event

We discuss the way raw popular voting destroys individual voting power and would destroy the two-party system in large elections; the present Electoral College system has sustained both for 170 years. Simply changing our present system to a popular-vote basis while maintaining state-districting and Senatorial Electoral votes would empower millions of presently impotent voters, and maintain the protections the system now provides for the others. The electoral anomalies of 1888 and 2000, the failed history of raw voting in the large, and analogies to anti-trust laws and to baseball illuminate the large-statistics paradoxes of majority-rule and provide some delicious oddities.
Contact: Alan Natapoff, 37-219, x3-7757, natapoff@space.mit.edu
Sponsor: Political Science
Latest update: 08-Jan-2004

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