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IAP 2004 Activity

Issues in Technology and Policy Seminar Series
Renee Robins
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

Many policy issues involve the application, commercialization, and control of technologies. This seminar series will explore selected issues in technology and policy, including examples from areas such as the environment, telecommunications, energy, and materials. Bring brown bag lunch; light refreshments provided.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/tpp
Contact: Renee Robins, E40-381, x3-7662, rrobins@mit.edu
Sponsor: Technology and Policy Program

Addressing Health, Safety and Environmental Problems through Regulation
Nicholas Ashford, Professor of Technology and Policy
In this presentation, the preference of regulatory approaches for stimulating the needed technological innovation and the role of expanded stakeholder participation in ensuring an activist and effective government role are discussed.
Tue Jan 6, 12-01:30pm, E40-298

IT & Telecom: Cases in Broadband Policy
Sharon Gillett, Research Associate, CTPID
date is pending confirmation
Tue Jan 13, 12-01:30pm, E40-298

Electricity and Natural Gas: Issues in Regulation and Economics
Richard Tabors, TPP Senior Lecturer
Both the natural gas and electricity sectors have undergone significant market restructuring. This has created smoothly functioning markets in some cases and markets that appear to be highly dysfunctional in others. This seminar will examine the successes and failures and lessons learned.
Tue Jan 20, 12-01:30pm, E40-298

Sustainability of Materials Systems
Randy Kirchain, MIT Professor
This seminar will explore the important role which materials play in influencing the effects of consumption on sustainability, and explore the use of methods to improve material use using the case of the production and use of aluminum.
Tue Jan 27, 12-01:30pm, E40-298
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