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IAP 2004 Activity

Reverence and Irreverence: Contemporary Films about Faith
Sarah Fredericks, Johanna Kiefner
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

Watch and discuss thought-provoking and sometimes humorous films about religion that may challenge the way people view organized religion, Jesus, and other matters of faith in an environment open to discussion and questions.

Sarah Fredericks is a PhD student in Science, Philosophy and Religion at Boston University. Johanna Kiefner is Luther Chaplain at MIT.
Contact: Sarah Fredericks, W11 035, x3-2325, jkiefner@mit.edu; sfrederi@bu.edu
Sponsor: Lutheran Ministry at MIT

"The Last Temptation of Christ"
Sarah Fredericks, Johanna Kiefner
A film that pushes the question of the humanity of Jesus while examining his relationship with his contemporaries and God.
Mon Jan 12, 07-10:00pm, 4-270

Sarah Fredericks, Johanna Kiefner
Two banished angels try to get back to heaven, but to do so they must prove God fallible and consequently may destroy civilization.
Thu Jan 22, 07-10:00pm, 4-270

"Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter"
Sarah Fredericks, Johanna Kiefner
Jesus has come again, and must save his followers from vampires using kung-fu fighting skills. This musical combines the gospels, a Mexican wrestling star, vampires, and contemporary sexual politics with a liberal dose of humor. For more information, check out www.odessafilmworks.com .
Mon Jan 26, 07-10:00pm, 6-120
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