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IAP 2004 Activity

How to Make Your Public Service Project More Successful!
Sally Susnowitz (Director, MIT Public Service Center)
Tue Jan 20, 27, 03-05:00pm, W20-301, PDR 1 & 2

No limit but advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 18-Jan-2004
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

What did you do last summer? What did you learn?

Jerry went to Honduras, where he installed equipment in a river to see if the US-owned mine nearby was poisoning it. Susan joined an AIDS-education project in Belize. Ashley & Kay spent eight weeks in Arizona supporting Navajo elders in their fight to live a sustainable lifestyle against pressure from corporations & the government. All these MIT students wanted to do public service, & their efforts were funded by MIT, but will their projects actually have lasting benefits for the communities they intended to serve?

Students combining research & public service must achieve both understanding and positive change. We will talk with students, faculty, & funders about how a project can be designed to maximize the chances of success. If you have done public service, or want to, please join us! Our guest-list includes Jean Jackson (MIT Anthropology); Jeff Ravel (MIT History); Tom Cummins (Harvard Latin American Studies); Chappell Lawson (MIT Political Science); Michael Bergren (MIT Eloranta Committee); Paul Parravano (MIT President's Office); and you!

[Co-sponsored by the MIT Public Service Center]
Web: http://web.mit.edu/hemisphere/courses/service04.shtml
Contact: Organizers, service04@mit.edu
Sponsor: Western Hemisphere Project
Latest update: 08-Jan-2004

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