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IAP 2004 Activity

The Secret Life of C++: What your compiler doesn't want you to know (C++ Internals)
Richard Tibbetts
Tue Jan 20, Wed Jan 21, Tue Jan 27, Wed Jan 28, 06-08:00pm, 1-190

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: You must already know C++ and assembler, or can fake it

C++ is filled with strange and wonderful features. We will explore in detail how these features are implemented under the covers, in terms of the assembly code generated. Features to be explored in depth include construction and destruction, copying, references, virtual methods, method dispatch and templates, and more.
Web: http://www.mit.edu/iap/inside-c
Contact: Richard Tibbetts, W20-557, x3-7788, sipb-iap-inside-c@mit.edu
Sponsor: Student Information Processing Board
Latest update: 31-Oct-2003

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