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IAP 2004 Activity

Taking the Next Step in Academic Science
Biology Postdoc Association
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: none

The academic path is well laid out and a familiar one, but it is sometimes rocky. These sessions focus on the transitions we make as our careers progress and provide professional advice for undergraduate students, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows pursuing academic research careers. The discussions will be informal with plenty of opportunity for questions. For a more detailed description about each of the talks, please see
Web: http://web.mit.edu/biology/www/biology/iap.html
Contact: Prof. J. Troy Littleton, E18-672, 452-2605, troy@mit.edu
Sponsor: Biology

Funding Opportunities for Senior Postdocs and Junior Faculty: K Awards, Bridging Grants & R01
Prof. Frank Solomon, Prof. Paul Garrity & Elsa Flores, Ph.D.
Wed Jan 7, 11am-12:30pm, 68-181

Preparing for an Academic Career: From Postdoctoral Life to the Application Process
Prof. Robert Sauer and Prof. Amy Keating
Mon Jan 12, 11am-12:30pm, 68-181

Thesis Writing, Choosing a Post-doc Lab, and Writing Post-doc Fellowships
Prof. Steve Bell and Prof. Terry Orr-Weaver
Wed Jan 14, 11am-12:30pm, 68-181

Balancing Family and Science
Panel discussion
Prof. Hazel Sive, Prof. Monty Krieger, Laurie Boyer, Ph.D. and Melissa Kosinski-Collins, Graduate Student
Wed Jan 21, 10:30am-12:00pm, Whitehead Auditorium

Women in Science
Panel discussion by women professors
Professors Jackie Lees, Nancy Andrews, Andrea McClatchey and Karen Cichowski
Mon Jan 26, 11am-12:30pm, 68-181
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