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IAP 2004 Activity

Entangling Electrons
Markus Kindermann
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: Quantum Mechanics; Condensed Matter / Statistical Mechancs d

Entanglement is an intrinsically quantum mechanical concept and at the heart of quantum information and computation. Many-body quantum states are generically entangled. For practical purposes one wants to generate entanglement, however, in a controlled way. This has been achieved in quantum optics, where entanglement within pairs of photons can be produced at will. It is currently an experimental challenge to do the same with electrons in solid state devices.
Contact: Timothy F. Havel, NW14-2218, 253-8309, tfhavel@mit.edu
Sponsor: Cambridge-MIT Institute

Markus Kindermann
The concept of entanglement will be introduced along with its signatures and practical applications. In particular, the concepts of Bell's inequalities and quantum teleportation will be explained.
Wed Jan 21, 11-12:00am, NW14-1112

Markus Kindermann
An overview over recent theoretical proposals to entangle electrons in solid state devices will be given. The basic ideas behind various proposed electron entanglers as well as entanglement detectors will be discussed.
Thu Jan 22, 11-12:00am, NW14-1112

Markus Kindermann
A conceptually particularly simple one of these proposals will be discussed in detail, which does not rely on two-particle interactions between the electrons. The entanglement can be detected by measuring correlations between electrical currents through the device.
Fri Jan 23, 11-12:00am, NW14-1112
Latest update: 07-Jan-2004

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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