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IAP 2004 Activity

Design a Space Elevator
Bruce Mackenzie
Thu Jan 8, 11am-12:00pm, W20-445
Tue Jan 13, Thu Jan 15, Tue Jan 20, 11am-12:00pm, 5-134
Thu Jan 22, 11am-12:00pm, 5-233

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Repeating event. Participants welcome at any session

Help design a passenger carrying "space elevator". A space elevator is a ribbon made of super strong carbon-nanotubes. It could be lowered from a geosynchronous satellite to the Earth. Simple 'climber' vehicles would climb up the ribbon, to most any orbit, or to be thrown on interplanetary trajectories. Depending on student's interests, we may design the layout of a passenger or cargo carrying elevator climber, or consider the dynamics, materials, finance, risk, or radiation shielding.
Contact: Bruce Mackenzie, (781) 944-7027, BMackenzie@alum.mit.edu
Sponsor: Jasmin Moghbeli, BAKER-HOUSE # 515, 617 225-7265, jmogs@mit.edu
Latest update: 12-Jan-2004

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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