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IAP 2004 Activity

Exploring Quantum Chaos with Quantum Computers
David Poulin & Joseph Emerson Perimeter Institute, Canada
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: Linear algebra + two years of physics

We discuss how quantum information processors could be used to study various aspects of quantum chaos. In particular, we will show how the ability to simulate the dynamics of certain quantum systems on a quantum computer enables us to evaluate interesting physical quantities, such as spectral correlation functions and stability under perturbation, which serve as signatures of quantum chaos. Time permitting, we will also discuss the problem of the emergence of classical chaos from quantum theory.
Contact: Timothy F. Havel, NW14-2218, 253-8309, tfhavel@mit.edu
Sponsor: Cambridge-MIT Institute

Lecture 1: Introduction to Quantum Computing and Quantum Maps
David Poulin

(+) Quantum mechanics in a nutshell

(+) Quantum computing

(+) Fungible qubits and universal dynamics

(+) Efficient quantum algorithms

(+) Quantum simulation of a chaotic map

Wed Jan 21, 02-03:30pm, NW14-1112

Lecture 2: Measuring Signatures of Quantum Chaos on a Quantum Computer
David Poulin

(+) Classical chaos

(+) Sensitivity to initial state

(+) Readout problem

(+) Looking for symmetries

(+) Fidelity decay

Thu Jan 22, 02-03:30pm, NW14-1112

Lecture 3: Advanced Topics in Quantum Chaos
Joseph Emerson

(+) Quantum dynamical localization

(+) Quantum chaos in the classical limit

Fri Jan 23, 02-03:30pm, NW14-1112
Latest update: 07-Jan-2004

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